Release notes for Enchant Seller

Discontinued; old versions will continue to be available from here in case other addon authors find the source code useful.

Provided some automation for spamming a chat channel with info on the enchants you have materials for; tracked amounts traded for enchants.

Enchant Seller Discontinued

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

So, it turns out that my handful of investors and employees who pursue Enchanting never really spent much time trying to make money from the profession… and thus, this product never saw much use within Fizzwidget Industries. It’s hard to make a product competitive if one isn’t using it oneself, and even harder if one’s also trying to juggle several other projects. Since WoW 2.0 and the Burning Crusade require substantial changes to all addons, this is a good time to declare Enchant Seller officially discontinued.

Old versions will continue to be available from here in case other addon authors find the source code useful; see the older release notes listings for download links.

Enchant Seller 11200.1

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.12. (No actual changes.)

Enchant Seller 11100.1

Monday, June 19th, 2006
  • Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.11. (No actual changes were needed.)

Enchant Seller 11000.1

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
  • Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.10. (No actual changes were needed.)
  • Minor improvements to utility code shared across Fizzwidget addons.

Enchant Seller 10900.1

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
  • Updated for WoW patch 1.9.
  • Includes refinements to code shared with other GFW mods.
  • Knows its own version number — it’s present in startup and error messages and if you type /es help or /es version. Please include this version number when sending bug reports or help requests!

Enchant Seller 1800.1

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
  • Updated for WoW patch 1.8.
  • General improvements to utility code shared with other Fizzwidget addons (GFWUtils and GFWTable).

Enchant Seller 1700.1

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
  • Updated TOC for WoW patch 1.7.
  • Improved parsing of enchant descriptions; should eliminate oddities in “spam” output for enchants that add a proc effect and more accuratly provide short descriptions of some other high-level enchants.
  • Cleaned up code shared with other Fizzwidget mods; should no longer produce cryptic error messages if you don’t have the latest versions of everything (starting with version 1700.1 of all mods).

Enchant Seller 1600.5

Saturday, August 27th, 2005
  • Shows an error in the chat window if it can’t find anything to advertise with /es whisper <player> [<slot>].
  • Code cleanup and standardization among Fizzwidget mods.
  • Supports‘s UI updater utility (and potentially others).

Enchant Seller 1600.4

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
  • Compatibility with ReagentCost 1600.2. Should fix a problem where you’d get an error, hang, or WoW crash when ReagentCost couldn’t find data for something.

Enchant Seller 1600.3

Monday, July 25th, 2005
  • Calculated (well, more “estimated”, really) materials cost now uses Fizzwidget ReagentCost, which you should be able to find at the same site where you found this. (ReagentCost still depends on Auctioneer and ReagentData, but this mod no longer depends on those directly.) This dependency and features related to it are still optional.
  • The advertising features are now usable without ReagentCost installed — if it’s not there to provide baseline pricing, we’ll fall back on your history of enchant-for-cash trades. (And for enchants you’ve never sold, we’ll report them with no price.) Beware: if most of your enchants don’t have prices, the minprice filter won’t work as well, making your advertisement much longer. (A future release should improve on this.)
  • The /enchantseller whisper <name> command now works correctly.
  • Fixed a bug calculating median prices for an odd-sized set.

Enchant Seller 1600.2

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Big new features!

  • Added calculation of materials costs (requires Auctioneer and ReagentData, available separately). The vendor cost is used for reagents readily available from vendors; other reagents use the median price calculated by Auctioneer. The total materials cost for an enchantment is shown in the Enchanting window (below your historical price data), along with a “confidence” score indicating the reliability of your auction data.
  • Added a spam command which sends a message advertising your enchantments and prices to a chat channel — prices are automatically calculated from the materials cost (plus a user-defined markup), so this also depends on Auctioneer & ReagentData (for now). To keep it from spamming quite so much, it only shows enchants you currently have materials for, excludes lesser versions of similar enchantments (e.g. +10 armor to cloak if you have the +20 armor enchant), and excludes enchantments below a certain price. Most of these options are customizable; see the Chat Commands section of the ReadMe for details.
  • There’s also a whisper command allowing you to send a more complete list of your enchantments and prices to a potential buyer.

Remember, enchanters… please be considerate and don’t use this new functionality too frequently, or you’ll have angry guards asking you to leave!

Enchant Seller 1600.1

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Updated TOC for WoW patch 1.6.

Enchant Seller 1500.1

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Initial release. (See Enchant Seller main page for full info.)