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So, you’ve heard of Gnomish X-Ray Specs? Like most Gnomish technology, they’re good for giggles but of little practical value.

These lenses, on the other hand (er, eye?) let you really “look into” things. Anything you merely glance at — an item, units of some currency, a record of someone’s great achievement, the name of a spell, and all sorts of things normally requiring close inspection — is fully described for your perusal. And they even work with whatever headgear you already have!


  • Causes the tooltips normally viewed when clicking a link in the chat window to appear automatically when just mousing over the link, for these link types:
    • item, enchant, spell, quest, unit, talent, achievement, glyph, instance lock, currency
  • Adds tooltips with useful information to other link types:
    • player (for friends and guild members only)
    • dungeon journal
  • If you’re also using my DiggerAid addon for archaeology, this addon enables mouseover tips for its custom hyperlink types (artifact-in-progress and solve-current-artifact)


  • Tekkub originally wrote much of this as a secondary feature of his tekKompare addon, which I still recommend. (It shows item comparison tooltips in all cases, not just at the times where the default UI thinks it’s useful.)

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HoverTips 8.0

August 4th, 2018
  • Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 8.0 and Battle for Azeroth.
  • Fixed errors with Battle.net links.
  • Added support for battle pet links. (Thanks ceylina!)
  • Added support for Mythic+ dungeon keystone links. (Thanks again ceylina!)