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It’s amazing the lengths some will go to to win friends. Gaining the trust of furbolg tribes, Dark Iron dwarves, and other organizagations of demi-goblinoid races can be a lot of work, and it can be easy sometimes to lose rack of one’s progress. That’s where Fizzwidget Industries comes in! Our newest gadget not only helps you keep tabs on whose respect you’re earning, but also how much more you could earn by turning in certain items you’re carrying.


  • Automatically switches the Blizzard builtin reputation watch bar (i.e. the “Show as experience bar” option in the Reputation pane)…

    • When entering certain zones. (Ashen Verdict in Icecrown Citadel, Cenarion Expedition in Coilfang Reservoir instances, etc.)
    • When gaining reputation. (If gaining reputation with multiple factions at once, the bar will switch for only the first.)
    • When equipping a faction’s tabard (i.e. tabards which apply reputation gains in dungeons to that faction).
    • Factions marked as “Inactive” in the reputation pane won’t be automatically switched to.
  • Enhances the reputation watch bar with extra shading and a marker to show how much reputation you can readily gain by turning in and/or using items in your bags or bank.

    • Mousing over the reputation watch bar (or the aforementioned marker) will show a summary of the reputation points that can be earned through turning in or consuming items.
    • If your potential reputation gain from turnins is enough to reach a new standing (e.g. Friendly vs. Honored), the “empty” part of the bar will be shaded differently, and the tooltip will show your new standing (and how many points into it you’d be) after all turnins.
  • Adds an icon to the builtin UI’s Reputation panel for factions you can readily increase — mouse over it for details. Didn’t know your bank was full of stuff you could gain reputation from? Now you do!

  • Right-clicking the reputation watch bar will open a menu allowing you to quickly switch which faction it shows. (TIP: For a shorter / less complex menu, mark factions as “Inactive” in the reputation window to hide them.)

Chat Commands

/factionfriend (or /ff): shows or hides the options window.

Caveats, Known Bugs, Etc.

  • The potential reputation gain shown on the bar is just an estimate: actual reputation gain may vary. (This is especially true in cases where racial abilities, guild perks, or other factors increase reputation gain: FactionFriend’s rounding may not match Blizzard’s.)
  • Some repeatable faction turnins offer an increased amount of reputation the first time they’re completed; FactionFriend can’t readily tell whether you’ve done a turnin before, so it always assumes the smaller amount.
  • Some repeatable faction turnins only become available at a certain reputation level, or once prerequisite quests are completed. FactionFriend can’t keep track of all the reasons a turnin might or might not be available; it just shows how much reputation you’d be able to earn if the turnins are possible.
  • FactionFriend only enhances the default Blizzard UI’s reputation panel and reputation watch bar. However, we provide API hooks so that makers of replacement reputation bar addons can more easily provide similar enhancements. For details, see the readme-API.txt file.

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FactionFriend 8.0.1

August 14th, 2018
  • Oops. The version released as “8.0” didn’t include the v8.0 TOC update and readme content. This one does.

v8.0 includes:

  • Updated for WoW Patch 8.0 and Battle for Azeroth.
  • Fixed issue where “paragon” factions (those that allow additional gain past exalted for extra rewards) kept getting marked as inactive.
  • Tracks fishing-related factions and turnins introduced in patch 7.2. (Thanks Hrazmadul!)
  • Tracks “Lunker” fish turnins for Nat Pagle faction in the Draenor Garrison. (Thanks milotic!)