Discontinued Addons

The bad news: I have less and less time to spend on maintaining and supporting addons lately. Especially in the case of addons which require maintaining a large database of items or reacting to API compatibility changes in other addons, I no longer have the time available to keep up the quality of support I’d prefer to.

As such, AdSpace, Gemologist, and ReagentCost are now officially discontinued. Old versions can be downloaded from the preceding links, and may continue to work on WoW 3.0 (compatibility changes affecting those addons are few). Any other author is welcome to the code if they’d like to continue updating it or use it as the basis for new addons.

Looking for other addons to fill these functions? Mendeleev and Informant (part of the Auctioneer suite) handle most of the functions of AdSpace and Gemologist, and provide a wealth of other information on items besides. RecipeRadar doesn’t put recipe source info in tooltips, but provides other details for tracking down vendor recipes beyond anything AdSpace ever did. As for ReagentCost, several tradeskill-enhancement addons now provide its features: Manufac is a popular one.

17 Responses to “Discontinued Addons”

  1. Hoss Says:

    I would like to thank you for all your hard work.

    It means a lot to us!

  2. Suzi Says:

    Thank you for maintaining the addons for so long. It’s much appreciated and I for one am going to miss them.

    I think it may have been too much for my heart to cope with if you’d got rid of Feed-O-Matic and FactionFriend as well though. 😉

  3. sluggyjunx Says:

    here here!

  4. gizmovision Says:

    yes in deed saved many many times buying things off AH or trade channel that i could pay much less for at a vendor. thanx again!

  5. Kaiten Says:

    That really is a shame, AdSpace and ReagentCost were really the best at what they did and will be sorely missed.

  6. Mistmorn Says:

    I will miss your addons greatly. Now I wish I had sent you a donation 🙁

  7. Tada Says:

    Too sad – please re-think about continuing AdSpace. it help save time and $$$.


  8. Thortok2000 Says:

    Please consider re-imagining AdSpace. Instead of maintaining the data yourself, possibly have some static data, and allow it to construct its own data, and then users can submit their lua files to you or something.

    Reason being is as follows. No other addon out there does what yours does! Recipe Radar, currently just-barely-working, shows where to actually go, and is awesome. I use that in conjunction with AdSpace. But it does NOT tell you in the actual recipe’s tooltip anything at all. Also, Recipe Radar’s author is out of commission and updates do not look like they’re coming anytime soon.

    Mendeleev, which I’m now trying and using thanks to your recommendation, just indicates that it can be bought from a vendor or gotten from a quest. Useful info, especially those that come from a quest, since AdSpace didn’t include that, but it doesn’t say if that vendor or quest is horde or alliance, nor does it say where the item can actually be purchased.

    Gemologist and ReagentCost are pleasantly handled by Auctioneer just fine. But AdSpace is vital!

    If you have it as a data collection addon instead of a data presentation addon, then you can other users worry about creating ‘databases’ for it and keeping those databases up to date for you. I’d be happy to maintain one myself on sites like Curse and Worldofwar.net, etc. By simply gathering the data myself, I could make my lua file available for download from others, which they could then use themselves. But the core addon would need to be supported still.

    PLEASE reconsider, unless you can come up with a viable alternative? =(

  9. mrobinson833 Says:

    What can i say.. I’m going to miss this mod sooo much! sobs

    But thankyou for all the hard work you put into it in the past.

    sobs more

  10. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Thanks for all the kind words.


    AdSpace already gathered its own data — so that if you saw a vendor recipe that wasn’t in its static database, it’d remember and show the vendor in future tooltips for the recipe. In fact, I’d often make use of that in preparing updates, since copying the data in my own format from a SavedVariables file into the static database was often easier than translating it by hand from Wowhead.

    If another author wanted to make use of that in keeping the static database up to date and publishing it in updates to the addon, they’d be more than welcome to (so long as the Fizzwidget branding was removed from the product). I simply have too little time to be able to keep doing it myself.

  11. Thortok2000 Says:

    Hmm. I might continue the addon myself then. If all I have to worry about is data upkeep and bugfixes, I’ve got enough addon-writing knowledge to manage that much. Would you mind terribly if I do so? I don’t have a lot of addon knowledge (I’m more at the dabbler level right now), so I wouldn’t be able to start from scratch, I’d kinda have to take your addon and run with it. What would I need to do to ‘remove Fizzwidget branding’ to your satisfaction? Rename the addon? Or would you prefer I just rewrite the whole thing? Or what?

  12. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Just rename it (the addon folder, the metadata in the TOC, and any place it shows its name in-game) so that it’s clear who the author is.

  13. Thortok2000 Says:

    Alrighty. Will do. But I’m definitely gonna credit you for creating the original addon, probably in the readme and on the site I post it on, is that fine?

  14. Sunhead Says:

    Thank-you for your perseverance Gazmik.

    seeing ReagentCost die makes me sad.

    can anyone suggest where I can start looking for a replacement? I dont recall seeing anything like it before.

  15. Littlemaxi Says:

    Thanks for your great work Gazmik.

    It was a wonderful addon and I miss it so much because I’m not able to find a similar addon which works with german client and ATSW and auctioneer and -without- ace. 🙁

  16. Graham Says:

    thank you so much for these addons – reagent cost is a godsend, good luck with the remaining dev 😀

  17. Thodd Says:

    I’m finding Gemologist very easy to update with new gems/ores from WotLK.

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