Hunter’s Helper 2.4.3

  • Availability (color) of abilities in the top part of the HH window should now follow more sensibly from that of individual ranks.
  • Uses a new, locale-independent way to keep track of spell names and icons — should result in proper behavior and fewer errors on WoW locales other than English. (Localizers need no longer provide translated spell names. Pet family names are still required for providing fully correct functionality, though.)
  • Thanks in part to the above, fixed an issue where Avoidance wouldn’t show the proper icon.
  • The menu of pet families is now alphabetically sorted for all languages.
  • Includes minimal localization (enough for proper functionality, no translated UI) for European and Latin American Spanish.
  • Includes new French localization by oXid FoX.
  • Fixed layering of the minimap button relative to other frames.
  • Compatible with Awbee’s BeastTraining addon; if it’s installed, it replaces the Beast Training window, and HH can be used for finding abilities but not for training them to your pet.
  • Rebuilt pet skills database from as of 2008/06/20.

10 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 2.4.3”

  1. LSW Says:

    Thanks again for a wonderful Addon. May my hunter characters find and send you gizmos , gadgets, and machined spare parts that will hopefully delight your gnome! giggles

  2. Villordsutch Says:

    A fantastic mod, thank you for keeping this up and running.

    Thank you

  3. Björn Says:

    A good addon, but I can’t train my pet whit this addon.

    The trainer learned abbilites do not show.

  4. Fajrez Says:

    If I get this working, it will proboboly pwn, thanks alot

  5. Rich Says:

    This is the most essential addon in my hunter catalog, because without it I’d be looking for skills endlessly on different webpages. Now I can instantly see that a pet has a new skill just by hovering over it in the game.

    You’ve done a FANTASTIC job!

    What I find really bad is the pet training interface. It is horrible, the colors make very little sense, skills that you have trained to max become gray, but if you don’t know all ranks of that skill then the skill is GREEN instead, for instance. You get NO overview of what you have trained the pet, and I am so confused, having to ALWAYS click the skill titles to look at what is going on.

    I suggest changing it to this:

    Bite [9/9] (29) Cower Dash [3/3] (25) Gore [9/9] (29)

    Growl [7/8] (0)

    and so on, showing what rank you are on right in the TEXT title of a skill, without having to click on it. Please do this, that would solve the entire “holy shit, I can’t get an overview of what skills my pet knows” problem that currently exists due to the confusing colors.

    Like I said, it is so confusing to train a skill to max rank and have it turn gray meaning “you’ve maxed this skill,y ou are done with it” and then having a different skill ALSO trained to max be colored green JUST because you have never caught rank 1 of that skill.

    Thanks again for a wonderful addon, and hopefully you think this advice is good and we’ll see it in the next version 🙂

  6. Rich Says:

    I forgot to clarify what I meant by the text titles. The skill Bite would be “Bite [9/9] (29)” which means Bite, trained to rank 9 of 9 available ranks, and 29 points currently being spent in this tree. That allows an amazing overlook that lets you decide to maybe drop a real point hog etc.

  7. Rich Says:

    And of course, to help overview, it’s best to not show “Cower [0/0] (0)” and instead just show “Cower” etc for skills that you haven’t taught your pet, which really makes it easy to see which skills you have or haven’t trained.

    Since I can’t edit posts this became 3 posts. If you’re able to, you could perhaps merge the 3 posts. Sorry 🙂

  8. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Thanks for the great feedback, everyone!

    However, if you haven’t heard yet, hunter pets are changing quite a bit in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion (and the WoW 3.0 patch that’ll precede it). Since all pets of a given family will have the same skills, and skills will automatically upgrade ranks as a pet levels, there’s no longer any need for an addon to help you find exactly which mob to tame to gain (or upgrade) which skills.

    So, upon the release of WoW 3.0, Hunter’s Helper will be retiring from its years of hard work. It’ll remain available for now, as it’s still useful on the 2.4.x live realms, but there probably won’t be any more updates between now and the WoW 3.0 release.

  9. Matt Says:

    Hey, I’d just like to say thanks for the great Hunter mod, this thing was/is bloody useful.

    I’ve been lucky enough to get into the beta for WoLK and there are still a few things I wouldn’t mind the Hunter’s Helper to well, help with. The what beasts tame-able and what their special is in the tool tip would be nifty along with, somewhat more importantly, what talent tree they are. Neither are terribly important but would be nice to have.

    .. and thanks again for the useful gadget!

  10. jared Says:

    could you maybe make a hunters helper witch tells you witch beasts are tamable and what talent tree they are please please please

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