Hunter’s Helper 2.4.2

  • Fixed an issue where the Filter (availability) menu wouldn’t always work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the pet family menu would sometimes fail to actually show the selected family.
  • Fixed an issue where the HH UI could conflict with the Enchanting window, preventing it from being shown.
  • Fixed an issue where a beast with multiple learnable abilities would be listed multiple times in the minimap button tooltip.
  • Fixed some issues with positioning the minimap button.
  • Fixed some issues related to HH’s cache of known abilities becoming outdated.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when using the /hh reset command. All saved data is cleared and options reset to default when the command is used.
  • Dash now correctly shows as learnable by Raptors.
  • Updated German localization by Ghanur of EU-Alexstrasza.
  • Rebuilt pet skills database from as of 2008/05/05.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Classification of abilities by availability doesn’t work as expected in some cases where availability of individual ranks is mixed (e.g. Growl 1 is tameable, Growl 2 is known by the hunter but not the pet, and Growl 3-8 are all well above the hunter’s level).

16 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 2.4.2”

  1. Aaxx Says:

    the lines

    FHH_REFLEXES = “Cobra Reflexes” FHH_AVOIDANCE = “Avoidance”

    are still missing in the german and all other localizations

  2. Jay Says:

    Thanks for the improvements Gazmik! I’ll give it a try right away.

  3. Thrune Says:

    My favorite add-on by far. Thank you!

  4. Ayo Says:

    Dear friend

    its a very very good addon you did 🙂

    but a little bug (error) since BC withe a French wow not be fix it yet 🙂

    this is error happend withe any “Warp Stalker” mobs when i use the hunter spell to identify his innate skill:

    ../HunterHlpers.lua:493: attempt to concatenaed a nil value.

    i have this error when i put the mouse on any Warp Stalker when i use my spell. the addon dont log the spel off this mob (nothing happend exept the error)

    i thing its because the spell of this mob “Warp”. Maybe a bad translation english to french make this error…

    The exact name of this spell in french is: “Distorsion”

    The name of this type of mob in french is: “Traqueur dimensionnel”

    hope i help you to fix this little bug 😉

    again thank you a lot for your work

  5. Matt Says:

    I previously used the old Hunter’s Helper, and found it very useful. However, I’m having a difficult time understanding the new interface (specifically as far as ranks are concerned), and certain skills that my pet should be able to learn aren’t showing up unless I have “Unavailable” checked under Filter (such as Greater Stamina, Growl, etc.).

  6. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Aaxx, Ayo:

    Right now HH is dependent upon third party localizers providing me with WoW’s spell names in each language, since I don’t have access to all the languages and locales WoW comes in. However, I’m looking into some new API in WoW 2.4 that might eliminate that requirement, so stay tuned.


    See the KNOWN ISSUE above. I’m looking into it and hope to have a bugfix release available soon.

  7. Matt Says:

    Ah okay, thank you Gazmik. I saw the known issue earlier, but wasn’t sure if that pertained to my problem or not.

  8. Pierrot Says:


    Thank you for this great series of addons.

    Here are the two french localizations missing in the last version : FHH_REFLEXES = “Réflexes du cobra” FHH_AVOIDANCE = “Evitement”

    Best regards,

  9. aelfgifu Says:

    Don’t know how to contact you about this but there appears to be some bug concerning stv and hunters helper. HH gives me information on my map in all zones except stv.

  10. oXid_FoX Says:

    Hi !

    about french localization, I’ve sent you an email (I’ve complete near all HH sentences) to precise some senses… (a lot of phrases still missing, not only FHH_REFLEXES & FHH_AVOIDANCE …)

  11. Aaxx Says:

    so i repeat the german translation from my comment on V 4.2:

    Avoidance = Vermeidung

    Cobra Reflexes = Kobrareflexe

    so ist must be: FHH_REFLEXES = “Kobrareflexe” FHH_AVOIDANCE = “Vermeidung”

  12. oXid_FoX Says:

    is there any place to talk with developpers?

  13. LunaEclipse Says:

    I have an idea for the UI section of the Addon. Could it be split into two tabs, the first for getting information on where to find the different skills. The second to set the pets skills in a talent like graphical calculator, an example of this can be found at

  14. Bubunya Says:

    First of all thank you for such a nice add-on :O)

    Just want to tell you about wrong info in your database about Drywallow Snapper. According to Petopia: “… This odd croc used to know Claw 5 instead of Bite 5. He didn’t get to keep the skill, though, since crocolisks can’t learn Claw, so it wasn’t terribly helpful. As of patch 2.4.2, he knows Bite like a normal croc.”

    It shows in drop down menu of your add-on as Claw 5 instead of Bite 5. I’d spend two hours last night in Dustwallow Marsh trying to get that skill from poor crocs:O)) Poor creatures… They hate me after that! :O)

  15. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    I’ve been unable to reproduce this issue. Could you provide more details? (Alternately, I’ll be posting a new version very soon, in which some of the minimap code has been revised… perhaps I’ve unintentionally fixed it.)

    oXid_FoX, Aaxx:

    Sorry about the lack of communication; I just discovered (and fixed) an issue that was causing some of the mail to and from to disappear into the aether. Responses to your localization inquiries should be reaching you soon.

    Also, the new version of HH — which I need to do a bit more testing on, but will be posting soon — eliminates the need for translations of spell names, as there’s now a locale-independent way to get that information from the WoW client.


    Interesting idea, but I’m not really sure it’s compatible with my designs for HH. I can certainly see about making sure HH gets along well with this other addon, though.


    Sorry! The database in HH is sourced from Petopia, and updated with the latest Petopia data each time I post a new release… but as I have limited time for such, I can’t promise to roll in every Petopia update right away. New release soon, though!

  16. Mania Says:

    And it doesn’t help that I update the Petopia DB on a completely random schedule and never remember to tell Mr. Fizzwidget about it. :>

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