Levelator 2.4.1

  • WoW Patch 2.4 added the ability to insert quest hyperlinks in chat, but the way this was implemented overrode Levelator’s ability to add levels when inserting quest names in chat. Levelator now makes sure a level tag gets inserted along with the new hyperlink.
  • Levelator also now adds a level tag to the tooltips spawned from quest hyperlinks. (Unfortunately, there’s not enough info attached to a hyperlink for us to also show a Group/Heroic/PvP/etc tag.)

5 Responses to “Levelator 2.4.1”

  1. Matthias Says:

    Using Skinner and Levelator you end up with being unable to change the color of quest titles. In my case, I have a black title on a black background.

  2. JT Says:

    PLEASE!!!! can you add support for http://www.wowdb.com/item.aspx?id=34062 and http://www.wowdb.com/item.aspx?id=34780 for windserpents

  3. PJ Says:

    Generates a bug on line 74: attempt to concatenate local ‘link’ (a nil value)

  4. slate021181 Says:

    it and QuestGuru from curse.com don’t get along very well either

  5. Tithulta Says:

    I have no idea what info i can provide to help disagnose this, but I D/C every time i try to insert a quest link. I can receive them, but i cant insert them.

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