Feed-O-Matic 2.4.1

  • Fixed an issue where some checkboxes in the options UI weren’t having an effect.
  • Fixed an issue with the Save for Cooking setting not being applied properly.
  • Added several new foods from recent patches to the default list.

36 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 2.4.1”

  1. asdf Says:

    This doesn’t appear to include the new Naaru Ration from the Shattered Sun Offensive. They’re cheap, so I wish they were included.

  2. Lindalas Says:

    I have two requests/bug reports. First, conjured mana bisquits require alt clicking (the “bypass” command) to feed to my wind serpent. They should be automatic TOP priority without any special treatment. Second there are some food that is usable for cooking or has buffs that I’d actually like to use as pet food. It would be nice to have a “white list” of food that should be used even if it is down prioritized by the global settings (jagged clam meat comes to mind now that they increased the level on it). Thanks!

  3. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    thank u mate 🙂

  4. Wykdd from Moonrunner Says:

    FIZZ! Help! 2.4.1, my boar will not eat Conjured Manna Biscuits without Alt clicking. 🙁 That’s a very important feature… can we fix it?

  5. Knuckles Says:

    Feeding boar works fine, eating clefthoof steaks, until i get conjured mana biscuit. Then can only feed using the alt key.

    Was the same in 2.4 too

  6. Foghunter Says:

    Fizz ! As you know, the pet will stop gaining happyness after feeding when you mount (land/air). Basically a waste of happyness points when you just gave it something to eat. Could you make an option so that (for instance) the feed button will flash in a fancy color while the pet gains happyness and stop the flashing and go to the desired color (red, yellow, green) when happiness gaining has faded ?

    Thanks, Fog and her happy pet

  7. damoon Says:


    nice addon, is there an option for an macro to start the feeding? i couldnt find that so far?

  8. Barzoka Says:

    Greetings,firstly i wanna thank you for the wonderfull addon. with 2.4.1 blizzard has made an unannounced change on hunter pets. pets get a lot more happiness from low level foods now.

    for example : jaggal clam meat,wich gave my level 70 cat 8 happiness a tick is now liked by my pet and gives 35 happiness a tick.

    this can lower a hunters running costs greatly on the long run so please keep it in mind while doing the next version of feed-o-matic.


  9. Metooz Says:

    I’m having the same problem. I have to alt click to feed my wind serpent the mana biscuits. Also i want to carry around the Naaru Rations as my sole source of food/water for myself and food for my pet. This works great except that feed-o-matic doesn’t seem to recognize the ration as an option. Thanks for this great addon! Its freakin wonderful.

  10. Metooz Says:

    NVM the above comment. All you have to do is type /fom add (diet) (item link) then you can use the naaru ration or whatever else. You can find more info in the readme that comes w/ the addon. The diet type for manna biscuits and naaru rations is Bread so u would type /fom add bread [Naaru Ration] with that last part being the linked item. Hope this helps

  11. Lindalas Says:

    Also found that Naaru Rations require a bypass for my windserpent and that FOM recommends I feed it my mudfish (agility food) before the naaru rations. It seems like health+mana should still be used before food with a buff.

  12. Longarms Says:

    change line 1041 to:

    if (itemID == 28112 or itemID == 34062) then

  13. Joae Says:

    Thanks for this update. I just started using Feed-O-Matic and was thinking I might have to uninstall it. Everything works perfectly for me at the moment.

  14. Lorelei Says:

    The ‘save for cooking’ setting still doesn’t work for me. I just did a fresh install, and when I fed my ravager, it ate [Chunk o’ Basilisk] instead of the full stack of [Smoked Talbuk Venison] I had in my bags.

  15. Shekky and Jughead Says:

    Hey Gazmik,

    I’m having a problem with FOM that I hope you might be able to tell me how to fix. When my pet becomes hungry, the icon flashes, as is appropriate, and I can click to feed just fine. Unfortunately, I get no “hungry sound” and I get no “Jughead is hungry!” text. Now here’s the tricky part: if I put Jughead in the stable and go tame some other critter, everything works fine. I think I have all the settings right, but if you let me know what you need to see from my config file, I’ll post it.

    Anyhow, thanx for an excellent set of tools, even if this one is giving me some temporary difficulties.

  16. faenan Says:

    My ravager does not speak to me when its hungry anymore, I know the icon blinks to let me know but it is a feature i really liked about your add on..hopefully it can be fixed, thank you

  17. faenan Says:

    disregard my above comment please im a noob…I had it set wrong sorry

  18. Grimleiv Says:

    Hi, i wonder if there is an option to put in food. I notice that there is a lot of food like the Felblood snapper and so on that is not registred.

    If possible, it would be nice to put in an option wher users can add food etc 🙂

    Thanks for great addons


  19. Marty Says:

    I use feed-o-matic . It makes feeding my pet so much easy. Suggestion – If u could disable/enable a bag from feeding u could keep quest items in there. like [Goretusk Liver ], special fish. I know that u can remove from list but u goto remember to remove/add the item at the start/finish of the quest.

  20. Fulgan Says:

    I love this addon and I’ve been using it for a long time.

    However, installed the Pitbull unitframe mob and now, the relocated, redesigned pet happiness icon is not usable any more. I can still use the key I bound, but none of the other options.

    Would it be possible to either add support for Pitbull directly or for the addon to (optionally) create its own frame, independent of the default one ?

  21. Hello Says:

    I have noticed as of today that FoM is still using Huge Spotted Feltail even though the Cooking Recipe(s) Meat option is checked 🙁

  22. JPowell Says:

    Receive the following error each time I access FoM 2.4.1 since the latest (2.43) WoW patch:

    Message: Error: AddOn GFW_FeedOMatic attempted to call a forbidden function (CastSpellByName()) from a tainted execution path.

    After the initial error message, the addon seems to work normally. I have deleted and reloaded a fresh copy of FoM, but the error persists.

  23. Vexi Says:

    for some reason 2.4.3 is giving me “action available only to blizzard UI” when i try to use my feed pet macro:

    #showtooltip Feed Pet
    /click FOM_FeedButton;

    i click ignore and it still works, but it does this every time i just log in.

  24. Jorne Says:

    Yup, since the 2.4.3 patch I get the same error too. Only on the first use – I am using the same macro. After I dismiss the error, it seems to work fine, until my next login.

  25. Thorlin Says:

    Same problem as Vexi. Anyone have any thoughts, I read something about a /click bug in the new patch, but have no idea what the bug is.

  26. havij Says:

    THis mod allowed my pet to be fed [Serpent Flesh] which is used for the quest Mok’Nathal Treats.

  27. NkM Says:

    I also have the same “action blocked” error as others posted above when using

    #showtooltip Feed Pet
    /click FOM_FeedButton;

    However, I have another macro that called to /click a different action button on my action bar and I don’t get the error. Is it because the FOM_FeedButton is a custom button we click on and not an official Blizzard UI button?

    Of course, after clicking on the FOM_FeedButton (via macro such as above), the error will come up once and I don’t usually see it again afterward.

  28. David Says:

    I too am getting the “Action available only to blizzard UI” the first time I use the /click macro in an action button. Once I click ignore, subsequent attempts do not cause an issue and feed the pet as normal.

  29. creep Says:

    I’m getting the same error message as the last few posters above.

    However the addon isn’t fully functioning I think. It will indeed feed my pet but it isn’t following any rules it seems. I have a few stacks of different kinds of food and it just keeps using the same kind. I have a couple stacks of only 5 or 6 pieces and a full stack of 20. It keeps pulling food from the stack of 20 instead of using up the smaller stacks first. They are different food types (all usable by my pet) but all the same level of food so it should use up the smaller stacks first.

  30. Shal Says:

    DL’ed the newest version avail today and it allowed Timber to be fed Serpent Flesh which is used for cooking…. help lol 🙂 TY 😀

  31. Hempton Says:

    I like using FoM but im getting some bugs as to be affecting my pets food diet. it wont register that there is food in my bags that my pet “likes”. i stuck some other type of foods in my bags and it reads them there.

  32. Sylvania Says:

    Same error as the one David is getting…. “Action available only to Blizzard UI’ when I use the recommended macro /click FOM_FeedButton the first time after logging in.

    Not a big thing but annoying.

  33. Lucindrielle Says:

    It’d be great if the next version can allow you to have an option to only feed your pet things that you can’t benefit from.

    For instance, if you have 15 “tender crocolisk meat” sitting in your inventory, it could have to look for THOSE before feeding a “haunch of meat”, which your character can eat for health gain.

  34. RickH Says:

    Love this, use it constantly. Made a small mod to my copy which you might like to consider as a future feature. Instead of choosing food by level or by stack size, I like to choose randomly from all valid foods, and then keep several kinds on hand for the variety factor. I just added the following: if (table.getn(SortedFoodList) > 0) then local randfood = math.random(table.getn(SortedFoodList)); return SortedFoodList[randfood].bag, SortedFoodList[randfood].slot, SortedFoodList[randfood].link; end right before: for _, foodInfo in pairs(SortedFoodList) do towards the end of FOM_NewFindFood;

    Anyone else in the beta, and notice how the new talents make it so you almost never need to feed your pet any more (unless you just wander around for a long time without combat)? I actually miss the feedings, they helped give the pet a live feeling, and helped me bond to him (subroutine and pixels reality notwithstanding). Sigh.

  35. JPwell Says:

    Getting the same “Action available only to blizzard UI” errors that others are reporting, so I am pretty sure this is not a conflict with another add-on. These problems have been reported for months now with no new version released. Is the author waiting for WOTLK to release or fix, or is this add-on no longer supported?

  36. flaminghunter Says:

    i have the problem where feed o matic will require alting to get it to use buzzard meat

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