Hunter’s Helper 2.4

  • Hunter’s Helper now has a GUI, bringing many new features:
    • You can now easily browse pet abilities and find out where to learn them. Choose an ability (and rank, if applicable) in the list and you’ll see which beasts you can tame to learn it, sorted according to where they can be found (with the zones closest to your current location listed first).
    • You can also browse/search by zone to see all the beasts with learnable abilities in a given area. (Zones are sorted based on proximity to your current location; i.e. how many other zones you must pass through to reach them.) Choose a beast and you’ll see which abilities can be learned by taming it.
    • In both modes, beasts and abilities show additional useful info when available: level, normal/rare/elite status, and diet for the former; required level, description, and training point cost for the latter.
    • Both modes also offer several ways to search or filter their data: by typing part of a zone, beast, or ability name; by beast family (e.g. Cat, Boar, Sporebat, etc.); or based on which abilities you already know (or can’t yet learn).
    • Show the new Hunter’s Helper panel by typing /huntershelper or /hh.
  • The new Hunter’s Helper UI also serves as an improved replacement for the Beast Training window:
    • Open it while you have a pet summoned and it’ll automatically filter to show only those abilities learnable by that pet type.
    • The list can be futher filtered based on which abilities your pet already has, which it can be trained with, and which it’s can’t learn yet.
    • Choose an ability and the highest rank trainable to your pet will be automatically selected (and unlike the standard Beast Training window, choosing a different rank or ability doesn’t require scrolling an extra-long list).
    • Displayed training point costs take into account the points refunded when training a higher rank of an ability your pet already knows, so it’s easier to see which abilities/ranks you can afford.
    • Since the new UI replaces the Beast Training window, you can also show it by “casting” Beast Training from your spellbook or action bar.
  • The new UI is separate from the main Hunter’s Helper addon and is only loaded when it needs to be shown. (Don’t like the new UI? Disable or delete the Hunter’s Helper UI addon and HH will keep working as it did before.)
  • There’s also a new minimap button (off by default; type /hh button to show/hide it):
    • Click it to show the full pet/ability browsing UI.
    • If you’re in a zone with beasts you can tame to learn new abilities, the button shows how many such beasts there are; mouse over it to see details in the tooltip.
  • Configuration controls are moved into a pane in the new Interface Options panel provided by the default UI.
  • Fixed an issue where taming or casting Beast Lore on a creature with learnable abilities would report that Hunter’s Helper didn’t know about them even if it did.
  • Updated German localization by “Zara”.
  • Slash command feedback text is now localizable. (Translators should look at the top of localization.lua for new keys.)
  • Rebuilt pet skills database from as of 2008/03/24.

25 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 2.4”

  1. Deekins Says:

    UI doesn’t show that Raptor’s can learn Dash, also says that I wanna say Bite is unavailabe to learn as well. Will check on that and get back.

    Love the add-on overall. Just figured I would let you know about dash. If I find anymore will post them.

    Thank you, great add-on.

  2. Teresa McCollum Says:

    the commands for Hunter helper does not work at all , I tried verything !!

  3. Teresa McCollum Says:

    I can’t get this to work I tried everything .

  4. Lord_Uthur Says:

    is there a way to not use the HH Panel portion?

    its “Sorting” ability is neat and all but its more of an annoyance trying to figure out what i know versus what i need to tame and learn

    i’ve used about 75% of the addons you created but to me this ones got too much goin on and takes away from the awesomeness that it was

    how bout having it start out as default style and have the Search/family/etc open up the Bonus material like what Beasts in the zone or of the family have what skill…?

  5. Moldavia Says:

    I was looking at the filter options and when you turn off Available, Learning from XX, and Unavailable trying to filter out cat abilities from the Boar since they cant learn them the whole mod got messed up. Now when i open beast training i get the following errors and they will not go away have to restart the game and fool with the options again.

    Error: FHH_UIShowSpellDetail(dash,nil): can’t find requiredLevel AddOn: GFW_HuntersHelperUI File: HuntersHelperUI.lua Line: 621 Count: 4

    Error: attempt to compare number with nil AddOn: GFW_HuntersHelperUI File: HuntersHelperUI.lua Line: 635 Count: 1

  6. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Thanks… guess I forgot to account for that change to Raptors a couple patches ago. This is fixed for the next release.

    Teresa McCollum:

    There’s not much to go on in your reports, so I can’t offer much help. I’d suggest checking the How to Install AddOns FAQ at WoWInterface (once their servers are back up; the patch is hitting them hard) to make sure HH is installed properly.


    From the release notes above:

    The new UI is separate from the main Hunter’s Helper addon and is only loaded when it needs to be shown. (Don’t like the new UI? Disable or delete the Hunter’s Helper UI addon and HH will keep working as it did before.)

    I’m a little unclear on just what you mean in your fourth paragraph… best I can tell, that describes how the UI is laid out now…


    Thanks! I’m looking into this and some related errors and hope to get a bugfix release out soon.

  7. Cory Says:

    When using Fizzwidet Hunter’s Helper 2.4, the filter for sorting does not work well at all. In general, I cannot disable a filter (say ‘available’ or ‘;learning from’) When I do manage to turn off a filter, I can’t seem to get it to turn back on. I have a raptor, and as mentioned previously, Dash does not show up in a raptor’s list of skills…so I have to use ‘All Families’. When I use this, I want to turn off the ‘available’ tag so I don’t see all the available, but unlearnable skills that my Raptor can use.

  8. Balk Says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for separating this into two separate plugins. I’ve had to disable the UI plugin because it was horribly broken for me – I was totally unable to train my pet with it on, because the Train Pet window appeared with a bunch of empty categories, and mousing over or picking anything at all generated a Lua error.

    I think it’s been generating error reports; should I send these on to you?

  9. Geline Says:

    Thank you for this terrific enhancement to an already invaluable tool, Gazmik.

    Yes, there’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s well worth it: this is how Blizzard’s default pet training pane should function.

    As with any major change, there are a few bumps in the road: Charge (Boar ability) appears to be missing from the list. I can confirm that Gore (Boar ability) is present and correct, though (sometimes it helps to note what’s working).

  10. Thrune Says:

    Love this addon. Thrilled that I found it! One problem I have noted is that growl training is off after 1. If I train to train 2 it won’t. If I try to train 3 it trains 2. It works that way going up. 4 trains 3, 5 trains 4, etc. Biggest problem is that I can’t train highest growl by level.

    Even with that, I love this and am happy to tip.

  11. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Yes, please do send error reports. (The more descriptive you can be about what was going on when the error occurred, the better). The comments system here doesn’t handle pasted error reports well, so please send them via email.

  12. EvilGrin Says:


    first at all i have to say i use HH since i play WOW and i really love it.

    With 2.4 i figured out that i can’t teach growl in my german client… i have always to uncheck the HH ui in the addons menu to get back to Blizzards ui for teaching it. Maybe you can fix it in upcomming release … keep the great work up!!!

    greetz from Germany

  13. Jay Says:


    You did a great job with the new GUI. Thanks a lot. I found a little flaw though… The minimap shows double entries when it comes to learnable abilities. Take a look at this picture if you please:

    I hope you can fix this glitch. Thanks again.

  14. shall Says:

    I love the potential this add on has thanks for putting in the work. One thing I did notice while looking in the pet training I am not seeing training for things bought off the pet trainer ie growl … are they in there? I tried adjusting filters and as was stated above it pretty much messed up the whole thing.

  15. Star Says:

    Are we suppossed to be able to see the entire list even if we do not currently have a pet. If i have a pet with me then all of the abilities show up in the UI if i select all families (IE my pig is out and i can see thunderstomp, etc if i show all) but as soon as i put my pet in the stable the only active abilities that show up are “Bite, Dash, Furious Howl, Warp, and Growl” I would love it if I can show the other active abilities bc Im a bit of a pack rat and i like to try to learn every possible thing i can (even if i don’t use it) and i think this would be a great way to take a day out to learn abilities that i skipped when leveling and would be more conveiniant if i could have my pets stabled while planning out what zones to go to

  16. Star Says:

    also found that gore is not showing up on my list when i have my ravager out with either to show only ravager learned abilities or show all pet family abilities

  17. Thortok2000 Says:

    The new GUI looks really interesting, but I’m having problems getting any ‘filters’ to stick.

    All I care about is what I can teach my current pet, and what I can learn myself from beasts in the wild. Trying to filter for this (like turning off ‘unavailable’ or ‘already known’) doesn’t seem to work.

  18. JJ Says:

    Great addon! Saves having to alt-tab to sites to find skills!

    My only problems are raptors can’t learn dash, and boars cant learn charge. Otherwise its the best addon a hunter could have.

  19. Omnina Says:


    I thought I would let you know that the filter and availability drop down problems was not just with your addon.

    Titan Panel , and recipe radar ( found on curse ) both had these also. A few others I can not remember at the moment, and they have been fixed since then.

    It seems this was actually caused by blizzards last patch, as many addons had to write a fix for this.

    If it is just a common library file, or lua or xml file this may be a simple solution….although rarely are solutions that simple.

    I am having the same problem as it will not remember the filter or such that I choose, and sometimes will invert what I choose….

    as when I chose available it will not show then…then when I chose availability off….it will show them…

    if this was consistent then a simple logic flip would fix it….but other times it shows it correctly…

    As I mentioned…this is exactly what titan panel and recipe radar….or other addons that used drop down selections and filters had and have been fixed, so I hope this helps you to let you know there might be a simple and quick solution…as it might just be a common library or file.

    Thank you, I do like the new GUI and layout, and hope things are fixed. Right now my hunter is lvl 70 and does not use it as much, although I do have a lvl 10 on a pvp server that it would be nice to use it fully.

  20. Aaxx Says:

    There is a Problem within the GUI: Avoidance and Cobra Reflexes (both whre new with 2.1) do not work in the germen version – I get an error when I click them.

    I guess it is because the german translation is missing:

    Avoidance = Vermeidung

    Cobra Reflexes = Kobrareflexe

  21. Mike Says:

    I get this error:

    Error: FHH_UIShowSpellDetail(screech,nil): can’t find requiredLevel AddOn: GFW_HuntersHelperUI File: HuntersHelperUI.lua Line: 621 Count: 4

    I went in to HuntersHelperUI.luae and in the function FHH_UISetSelection right before the call to FHH_UIShowSpellDetail I added the lines

    if(rank==nil)then rank = 1 end

    This removed the error and allows things to function, except that when I click on screech. Rank 2 is highlighted but I get the rank 1 information (like I expected since I forced it to 1 if it was nil). If I click on 1 then back to 2 I get the Rank 2 information.

    I hope this helps track the error. Its a work around for me so I can keep using it.

  22. mrpoundsign Says:

    hey. Just an FYI… I don’t seem to be seeing ‘growl’ available for training at all. If it matters, I am using a boar. Running v2.4.

    Cheers, Brian

  23. Buenaventura Says:

    Any news on the German translation?

    I tried modifying the lua myyself, which seems to work for Kobrareflexe and the Saber Tooth Raptor (or something like that, has Bite 9 and is found in Netherstorm). But for Vermeidung it doesn’t work, so I can’t use the UI to train a raiding pet.

  24. Worcko Says:


    is to expect an update of “Hunters Helper” for 4.0 ?? I like´d this addon so much, please update it (if it´s possible).


  25. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Hunter’s Helper is discontinued. WoW 3.0 (Wrath of the Lich King, more than two years ago) totally changed how pet skills work in such a way that there’s not much useful for an addon like HH to do. I find that under the new system, a website like Petopia is a better resource.

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