ReagentCost 2.4

Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 2.4.

10 Responses to “ReagentCost 2.4”

  1. Malediction Says:

    The incompatibility when using Skillet still exists under current 2263 Auctioneer, RC 2.4 and whatever the current Ace build of Skillet may be.

  2. Goodcat Says:

    Hey Gazmik. I love the idea of ReagentCost… Unfortunately, for some reason it seems to drastically overstate the reagent cost of almost all of my alchemy recipes. Any idea what could be going on there? The summed auctioneer prices will be like 3g and it’ll state the price as 5-6g.

    Regards, Goodcat

  3. Alchy Says:

    I too experience the cases where the cost shown is way out of line with reality. I am an alchemist and use the latest AucAdv with a fresh DB on 2.4. I’ve scanned a couple times a day since 2.4 to build it up. Also note that I have long observed this before 2.4 using my long time Auc DBs.

    I appologize for failing to report this before but I was thinking it was due to having some auctioneer problem in my DBs. Since I tossed them (removed WTF before patching 2.4) to start clean in 2.4 hoping that maybe your tool would be fixed I am now very confident the problem is worth reporting. And given I am not the only one helps too.

    For example primal earths are running in the 5g range on AH though I admit the prices are fluxing a lot right now but the problem existed before 2.4 for me. The transmute from earth to water shows roughly 22g cost (100% conf) while another earth based transmute, earth -> life, shows a cost of 5g40s (100% conf). Both require only a single primal earth. I see a several g difference between Fire -> mana 27g+ (100% conf) vs Fire -> earth 14g+ (100% conf).

    If there is any “tracing/debug” I could coullect for you please email me and I’ll get it to you asap.

    As always thanks for your efforts on inventing, producing, supporting, and packaging your creations for our free usage.

    Later, Alchy

  4. Thomas Says:

    Feature suggestion: As the information is readily available in Auctioneer, could we also have an option to list the recipes by profitability if the item is eventually disenchanted?

    For example: Creating a Wicked Leather Belt may not be a profitable enterprise, but selling the DE materials may be, by quite a margin.

    Now, if I could just get the author of Altoholic to incorporate output from your mod, I think I’d be in heaven.

  5. Aigars Mahinovs Says:

    Still not working with Skillet and AucAdv. The prices estimates are way off the mark and even change based on number of items in my bags. Sometimes the cost will be off by a gold or two and sometimes it will be close to double the real cost. This addon is completely useless until that is fixed 🙁

  6. Nikk Says:

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to drop by the Grand Coder Gazmik’s lair to let everyone know about an upcoming change that should help align the values reported by Auctioneer with the reality of your servers’ crazy economies..

    See the following JIRA, trouble ticket, over on our main site for a bit of information

    Wishing you Wondrous Crafting Results,

    Nikk and the rest of the family at the Norganna Family of AddOns

  7. Aigars Mahinovs Says:

    LilSparky’s Workshop is the working alternative with very similar functionality and a better interface.

  8. Nikk Says:


    Just a quick update about the changes noted above.

    We, the http://Norganna.Org / http://AuctioneerAddOn.Com folks, have included those changes in Auctioneer. What does this mean to most folks? That the statistics reported through various other addons, such as the wondrous ReagentCost should be better than ever.

    As always, if you notice issues, please let us know.

    Nikk and the rest of the team at the Norganna Family of AddOns

  9. Belial Says:

    i love this addon, i wish that gazmik would pick it back up, i still use the outdated version

  10. David Says:

    I know Lilsparky has very good addon, but I still like reagent cost better in its functionality in how it displays the information. What would it take, if possible to take it over if you ahve never written an addon before? Some programming exp but very limited scope.

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