Guildentipper 1800.2

  • Fixed an error message in loading. That’s what I get for making last-minute tweaks during Patch Day maintenance…

3 Responses to “Guildentipper 1800.2”

  1. Kallos Says:

    Can this be expanded in the future to include tags, etc.?

  2. Kallos Says:

    Curse brackets! I meant AFK tags, etc.

  3. Dark Imakuni Says:

    Small bug:

    In the tooltip, when you hover over a dead player it adds “Ressurectable” to the 3rd line, in green writing.

    With Guildentipper, the Ressurectable line is on the 4th line, but in white instead of green. The details of the character (previously on the 2nd line, now on the 3rd) are in green instead of white.

    Not a biggie, but it has thrown me off a few times (especially after a beer =P).

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