Hunter’s Helper 1800.2

  • Fixed some error messages that came up when taming pets or using /hh find. That’s what I get for making last-minute tweaks during Patch Day maintenance…

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  1. Jan-Paul Says:

    Just wondering if there is any chance to get this working with the german WoW client.

    Cheers, JP

  2. Daehon Says:

    For some reason I can’t get your hunters helper to work. The feed-o-matic works perfectly, but the other doesn’t. Every time I type in anything with /hh or /huntershelp, it refers me to the /help section of the game. Strangest thing. Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing something?

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Daehon: “Slash-command” registration is a pretty basic thing… usually if you can’t get an addon’s commands to show up, it means the addon isn’t properly installed. Is the GFW_HuntersHelper folder in your Interface/AddOns folder? Is it enabled at the Addons screen?

    Jan-Paul: It’s my eventual goal to have all my addons supporting all WoW languages. Unfortunately, Hunter’s Helper deals with a lot of game data that doesn’t come in locale-independent forms: mob names, zone names, spell names, and several system messages. This doesn’t make localization impossible, but it does make it a lot more difficult and time-consuming. We’ll get there eventually…

  4. Jan-Paul Says:

    Hello Gazmik,

    please let me know if I can help in any way getting the stuff translated. Is there a specific file I might send you that contains the relevant german names, etc…

    Cheers, JP

  5. Jan-Paul Says:

    just checking in again to see if I can help with the german compatibility.

    Cheers, JP

    PS.: you can email me at

  6. Mykl Says:

    I get an error when I mouseover the Blind Hunter in RFK

    Unfortunately I can’t read anything beyond “Interface\AddOns\GFW_HuntersHelper\Hun…”

  7. Brad Says:

    I notice that /hh find howl isn’t working. Any chance of getting this added? Does data have to be collected? If so, what can we do to help?



  8. Brad Says:

    Nevermind! I didn’t look under furious howl.


  9. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    As localization goes, perhaps a good thing to do for now is to run around taming beasts. A lot of beasts. Hunter’s Helper will learn their localized names and the localized names of the skills they possess (and it’ll start referencing them in tooltips and /hh find) and storing them in its SavedVariables file. Send me this file and I can see about integrating it for a localized release.

    Also, if you can find any resources that map the English names of mobs to German (and/or other language) names, I’d be quite interested… really, HH only needs one database of mob/skill information, as the same mobs have the same skills in all languages… it’s just the names that are different.

  10. Jan-Paul Says:

    Hello again Gazmik,

    I’ll do my best taming lots of stuff. I’m only lvl 20 so far though on my hunter so can’t really tame any of the higher level stuff.

    Cheers, JP

  11. Nathanos Says:

    I encountered the same problem as Mykl. Whenever I mouseover a rare beast (those with silver border), an error message pops up, which unfortunately can’t be read because it’s truncated. “Interface\AddOns\GFW_HuntersHelper\Hun…â€?

  12. Therates Says:

    Hi ya Gazmik,

    Well I got a slight problem using Hunter’s Helper 1800.2 on my level 21 hunter. I went to Dark Shore to try to tame a Level 19 Giant Foreststrider for the Cower 2 ability. I successfully tamed it and got the ability but then immediately on taming I got a message in my chat box stating Hunter’s Helper has incorrect data. I post the screenshot here, And then whenever I pass by this mob and mouse over the mob, the tooltip shows the following in the next screenshot, I got no error message when this happened other than the chat box message and the tooltip appears on all my characters.

  13. OttoDeFe Says:

    Have an error using 1800.2 – The first time I open my Pet Training window, I get

    [1130-92] There is no hook to call for CraftFrame_Update.

    Has me puzzled…

  14. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    That “1130-92” error sounds like it’s from another mod… do you still get it if you disable all addons except HH?

    As for the rare (and rare-elite) beast error and the tendency for HH to sometimes mistake the skills you’ve trained a pet with for the skills a newly tamed critter has, I’ve been working on an update that fixes those and has some other improvements… I’ll probably be releasing it soon.

  15. OttoDeFe Says:

    I think it may have to do with ChatScroll – still researching

  16. Natais Says:

    I LOVE Hunters Helper. It has helped me get two new abilities for my Echey that I didn’t know where to get before. He know has Dash 2. I have Prowl 2 as well, but I didn’t teach it to him. He uses Growl, Bite, Claw and Dash. I love this mod. I’m SO recommending it to all my hunter friends.

  17. Silent Says:

    Hi there. First of all, thanks for a bunch of great addons!

    I ran into an error on the rare, elite carrion bird Zaricotl in Badlands, and managed to extract the full error message (even though it’s still bugged).

    HunterHelper.lua:129: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value).

    Hope that helps.

    // Silent

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