AutoCraft 1800.2

  • Actually works on WoW patch 1.8 now.
  • Should now be functionally locale-independent; we now get the “You create ” (which we need in order to figure out how your queue in progressing) from WoW’s own localized strings file. Still localized only in English and (partially) German.
  • Fixed a problem where we’d fail to detect when an item was finished.
  • Fixed a problem where advancing the queue too fast after crafting one item that was needed as an ingredient for the next would fail (possibly due to client/server lag; WoW was thinking the first item hadn’t been crafted yet by the time we tried to start on the second).
  • Fixed a problem where the tradeskill window could sometimes show incorrect or nonsensical numbers for required or available reagents.
  • Fixed an “attempt to compare number with nil” error message that sometimes appeared when showing the tradeskill window.
  • Should now properly handle cases where more than one recipe can produce the same item (e.g. Transmute Life to Earth, Transmute Fire to Earth).
  • Should now be compatible with other mods that alter the height of the TradeSkillFrame.

13 Responses to “AutoCraft 1800.2”

  1. Nehlurra Says:

    Strange bug:

    AutoCraft locks up my game when I attempt to open to open a tradeskill window on one of my computers but does not lock up on the other computer…. all the mods between both machines are identical, as are the layouts. Not sure what this could be but will get back to you when I have more info.

  2. jediman Says:

    I use german wow-client on EU-Server … with actual 1800.2 autocraft smithskill: 263

    when I use my smith/weaponsmith craft-window … wow freezes with very high data-ratings on my internet-connection … after 3-4 minutes my char loggs out .. wow frezzed … and i could only end wow by using taskmanager

    on other chars on same account (with high craftskills 250+) it runs, only smith/weaponsmith craft-window crashes. i think its an item thats used by one of the smithing-receipes?

    btw the error is repeatable! everytime i use blacksmithing

    … sorry for my poor english

  3. True Freak Says:

    I’m having the same problem as Nehlurra. Everytime I open a tradeskill window…my game completely freezes.

  4. Nehlurra Says:

    I dumped the Saved Variables for everything except Gatherer and my FlightPath addon and it works fine.

    I’m not sure what the deal is but I was clearing each of them individually and got tired of logging out and restarting the game to check the effect so I just deleted all of them.

    Not sure what it was but I can provide a list of all the AddOns I use if you want to check with a conflict somewhere.

  5. sun Says:

    bug autocraft 1800.2 :

    “autocraft.lua:418:bad argument #2 to ‘format’ (string expected, got nil)”

    that’s what i get when trying to make heavysilk bandage.

  6. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    I can replicate the Blacksmithing “freeze” here, though it only happens for several seconds… have patience and your WoW should eventually come back to life.

    I’m looking into a better solution…

  7. devon Says:

    when i have this mod enabled the collapse and expand buttons next to the categories in the trade skill frames stop working correctly.

    Most of the time when you click on them they do nothing and then evetually they collapse or expand the category (quite often without updating the state of the button, i.e. changing – to +)

  8. Nehlurra Says:

    It was fine until I logged over to another character, it was still freezing up. It’s not just a case of “waiting” on it because eventually WoW totally locks (I waited 10 minutes once just to make sure).

  9. Nehlurra Says:

    PS – This AddOn is fantastic… when it’s working 🙂 🙂

  10. Devla Says:

    Hear hear on the ‘fantastic’ comment.

    Unfortunately I’m seeing the lockup issue with Leatherworking on my lvl 24 Troll Rogue.

    WoW completely freezes when opening the LW craft window. Clearing SV files don’t seem to help.

    Thanks again Gazmik

  11. British Says:

    Great addon… like the others from Gazmik :]

    I have the same freeze problem on Engineering and Tailoring frames. Poison and Enchanting work well, but I guess it’s because they’re not built the same way.

    Even for the working Poison frame, the two dropboxes shown the name of one of my alts (without me touching any of those boxes)…

    BTW, is there any chance to add some kind of toggle so we can display the queued items [above] the bar, [below] the bar, or [none] of those ?

  12. Takika Says:

    It locks my WoW too. I tried to use my firstaid skill, but it locks. I waited about 10 minutes, but WoW disconnects.

  13. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    I’m still working to track down the freeze problem, but the cause remains elusive. Right now it’s happening for my leatherworker, but not my smith, tailor, alchemist, or engineer, nor with cooking, mining, or first aid.

    It might help if we could build a list of what’s different between the characters seeing the freeze and those who aren’t. If you are, please email me (it’d get ugly to post here) a list of that character’s recipes. (If you use a mod such as RecipeBook or ReagentInfo, you can just send their SavedVariables file, since that lists what each character knows.)

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