Feed-O-Matic 4.0.3

Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library with more foods (Murglesnout, Pygmy Suckerfish, Shimmering Minnow).

10 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 4.0.3”

  1. cra_arc Says:

    `hhhmn same thing happened here as in last version will try and dload it manually without using wowmatrix or curse and see if it fixes the “not able to click pet feed button thing again”

  2. cra_arc Says:

    `yes and it works again after a manual d/load so it would suggest that wow matrix and curse do not d/load and install correctly for this add on ? which seems real weird as it doesnt affect others afaik. so why doesnt FOM update correctly for me and maybe.. lots of others.. it seems it will only work after a manual d/load and up date

  3. Daeymien Says:

    @cra_arc This addon isn’t on Curse, so mentioning that is a bit moot. I also checked the files from here versus what I got from the WoWMatrix version, and the checksums are different. So, I’d say WoWMatrix has issues.

  4. Orchid Says:

    I have noticed this as well, and again now just having updated with WoWmatrix to 4.0.3, my click to feed pet button does not work to feed the pet, or to open the options. I have to manually download it to work.

  5. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    My addons aren’t hosted at Curse, and WoWMatrix has issues. I’d recommend using WoWInterface’s updater utility, MMOUI Minion if you want automatic updating.

  6. cra_arc Says:

    great thx will use that also and see if that sort out future updates

  7. Kurasu Says:

    (Javascript was disabled; if this comment comes through twice, my apologies)

    I updated this recently, but it seems that murglesnout is still not counted among ‘edible foods’. 🙁 I haven’t checked Shimmering Minnow or Pygmy Suckerfish (or other ‘inedibles’) yet.

  8. cra_arc Says:

    seem it can only be d/loaded from mmouiminion at this time http://minion.mmoui.com/

  9. cra_arc Says:

    apolofies for above misspost plz delete

  10. Mordreade Says:

    You are better off just manually downloading this from here, Minion doesn’t always download the right version. They need to get someone to actually write an updater that works correctly. I do not like Curse anymore than anyone else(stupid ads), but at least their updater works correctly.

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