Feed-O-Matic 4.0.4

  • Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library fixing an issue where recently added foods were’t actually showing up.
  • Some of the options in Feed-O-Matic’s options panel now provide detailed explanations in tooltips.
  • Improvements to the list in Food Preferences (under Feed-O-Matic’s options panel):
    • The color of a food’s name now reflects its quality (how quickly it restores your pet’s happiness).
    • Foods of the same quality are sorted by name.
    • When no pet is currently summoned, food quality is calculated assuming a pet of three levels below yours (previously we assumed five; this matches a change from patch 4.0 in which pets are always kept within three levels of their masters).

19 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 4.0.4”

  1. Tavio Says:

    I cannot download 4.0.4, no download button or link.

  2. VJ Schmitt Says:

    Best Addon to keep pet saturated

  3. djmichaelb Says:

    Download link is missing?

  4. Tagor Says:

    Download? 🙂

  5. Bruce Says:

    This ^

    Can’t find the link.

  6. cra_arc Says:

    seems it can only be dloaded from here


  7. cra_arc Says:

    hhhmn well minion does ofc update this addon correctly but i thought i would let it update some of my others also , but because it doesnt show the installed version of addons only what it thinks is the latest it installed 22 older versions than what i had already ouch , so while it may be the best way to update food o matic it certainly aint for everything thats for sure just for info to others who may use it also

    thx c

  8. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Oops! Download link fixed.

  9. Robin Says:

    I cannot seem to find the option to bind a key to “feed pet” as stated in the description of this addon. Can you tell me where that is?


  10. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Already responded to email asking the same question, but for the benefit of others reading here:

    It’s not in the feed-o-matic options panel; it’s in WoW’s main Key Bindings panel (found in the menu when you hit Esc).

  11. Robin Says:

    Ok, tried that and it didn’t work. I have sent another email requesting further assistance. If you would prefer to correspond here, please let me know.


  12. Orchid Says:

    Just FYI, still having the issue where if I don’t manually DL the addon, it will not feed my pet by pressing the content button…

  13. RebelUK Says:

    what happened to the manual syntax to add foods to the library there are a number of cataclysm foods I want to add for my pets that they will eat, but FOM doesn’t list them (yes I have unchecked the options to avoid certain foods, I’m happy to allow most foods to be used) I want to manually add the foods to the database, how can I do this.



  14. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    There hasn’t been manual control over the database since many versions (and a long time ago); since switching to a database shared with other addons, it’s been less feasible to be able to change that database at run-time.

    By now, the PeriodicTable database should include nearly all Cataclysm foods; if they aren’t showing up in the Food Preferences list, there’s a problem. As you might notice from some of the other comments here, a lot of people don’t actually have the latest version correctly installed because auto-updater utilities (like WowMatrix) aren’t working right — I’d suggest making sure you’re actually running 4.0.4 (try manually downloading from here). If after that there are still foods not showing up, please let me know which ones they are.

  15. Nirab Says:

    For some reason, when I have my snow leopard out, she grumbles more or less continually. None of my other pets do that. Regardless of whether I feed her or heal her, she starts in saying she’s hungry again within 20 or 30 seconds. Is this some odd but in WoW, or could it be some incorrect function in Feed-O-Matic. Of course, I always have the latest version of both installed.

  16. aigledor Says:


    thanks for this addon, but the button ” happy pet face ” is always green. it never turns to yellow or something else… no flashing things or sounds too..

    nothing happens too when i click on it…

    i have foods that my pet can eat in bags, it’s being displayed on the interface, but impossible to give to my pet by the addon… ( on 4.0.3 and 4.0.6)

    and it’s the latest version installed…

    why can i do ?


  17. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Aigledor: Are you using an auto-addon-updater utility such as WowMatrix? Some of those have been having trouble lately; I’d recommend making sure you have the current Feed-O-Matic version by manually downloading from this website and reinstalling. Please let me know if you still have problems after that.

    (Also, WordPress automatically holds comments for moderation if they’re from people who haven’t posted before… your post wasn’t deleted. Gotta watch for spam, you know.)

  18. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Nirab: It’s hard to say from your description. Does this issue still occur if Feed-O-Matic is disabled?

  19. Dalene Says:

    I have downloaded it as I was told about it by a guild member, my problem is I am new to WOW and have never used addons before so can you give me instructions please.

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