FactionFriend 4.0.5

  • The reputation bar menu (and submenus) now makes sure to stay within the dimensions of the screen when it is shown.
  • Fixes additional cases of an error when right-clicking the reputation bar (if the recent factions list contains invalid factions, they’re now removed from the list).

6 Responses to “FactionFriend 4.0.5”

  1. Jeri Says:

    I just want to thank you so much for your addons. I have tried other faction/reputation addons but I like yours much better than any of the others. You rock! 🙂

  2. Brainded Says:

    I’m not sure on which end this problem lies, but I thought I would just post it here so others are aware of it too. I manage most of my addons using WoWMatrix, and when it finds an update for FactionFriend it sees the correct version, downloads and installs it. However, somehow it’s got old files in whatever it’s grabbing and the game ends up running the 3.3.1 version of the FF addon. I’m not sure where the old files are coming from (I’ve completely cleared anything related to FF from my PC, including from the WM archives). Simple solution: delete the FF folder and manually install.

    I’ll report this on the WM side too, fwiw.

    Thanks for an awesome addon!

  3. Taryth Says:

    love this addon, but I still have an issue with the menu that appears when rightclicking on the reputation bar. my bar is situated on the top of my screen and somehow the titanbar is on top of it? anyway of making it take precedence and put itself on top of everything else?

  4. Dokomar Says:

    i found this error when i right-clicked on the faction bar to bring up the faction list

    Date: 2011-01-08 00:38:23 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 3 Message: ..\AddOns\GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua line 1017: TexCoord out of range Debug: GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:1017: FFF_MenuButtonSetWidth() GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:1228: FFF_ShowMenu() GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:912: GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:910

  5. yammy Says:

    I’m getting this error under cataclysm 4000 version…

    FactionFriend.lua line 768: attempt to concatenate a nil value


  6. Keith B Says:

    There any way of being able to turn off the reputation bar recoloring that seems to occur? My Revered and Exalted bars now look really blue, and I liked them being just plain green like my Friendly reps.

    It’d be really cool if this were a configurable option.

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