Feed-O-Matic 3.0.4

Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library, fixing an issue in which older versions of the library’s datasets would override newer versions… which could cause FOM to ignore certain foods.

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  1. Skot Says:

    I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but when I feed my pet it seems to be picking whats lowest on the list instead of highest. My raw food is getting eaten instead of the basic food I have in my inventory.

  2. Aileen Says:

    This seems to still have some issues with feeding pets the right food all of the time.

    I often try to feed my pets and get told “Your pet doesn’t like that food” even when I have plenty of food for them in my bags. Or it will try to feed them buff food when I have plenty of regular food available (and print out the message telling me to hold down the modifier key to feed them the buff food). Or it will feed my bear, who eats bread, purchased food instead of all the conjured mage food I’m carrying.

    For example, right now I have my wolf out. I have 17 Smoked Talbuks that he likes to eat, and also a bunch of fruit and fungus stuff for my gorilla, which he doesn’t. FOM keeps trying to feed him one of the fruits/fungus instead of the meats.

    If I reload my UI a time or two it usually ends up resolving itself.

  3. Eddie Says:

    Thanks again for making this addon. Been using it forever and can’t imagine playing a hunter without it.

  4. ahunter Says:

    just a suggestion but why not make the food category movable i wouldn’t mind putting raw foods on top or undersporepods above my food

  5. Kheiyz Says:

    It seems no matter what I do, the auto-feed function picks a food item at random from my bags rather than going by the food priority list. I’ve tried copying FOM’s PeriodicTable to Autobar and Cartographer (which have newer versions), I’ve tried erasing FOM and it’s associated files in my WTF directory and reinstalling, but every time I hit Ctrl-F (the keybinding I set for it), it feeds my pet from a random stack of food every time. Help?

  6. Omnina Says:

    Now that Lich King is out, will you be re-adding the ability to block all items for cooking of a certain level? I just now noticed my cat ate “chilled meat” that is used to raise my cooking, as with “chunk of mammoth”. Thank you. It would be nice to have the cooking block ability back that was in lower version of FOM.

  7. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Skot, Aileen, Kheiyz:

    I’m looking into these issues and hope to have an update available soon.


    That’s already on the to-do list. Or at least the “would like to do eventually” list for when I find the time. 🙂


    Not in the immediate future. For now at least, you can use the Food Preferences pane to see which cooking recipes (current and future) your foods are used in and disable those which go with recipes you want to cook.

  8. Aileen Says:

    If it helps, I think that at least some of the time the issue with feeding the wrong food is due to my bags getting re-sorted. I use BankStack to keep my bags nice and tidy, and I think that sometimes my feeding problems crop up after I’ve done a bag reorg.

  9. Ladydragon Says:

    i can’t use this addon because i can’t add new food that my cat can eat how do you add new food?

    i don’t understand at all what you hade write on your sajt

    would be nice if you could update the addon and add all the ned food that came witch WotLK

  10. Clarissa Says:

    Absolutely love feed-o-matic, used it for most of the past year, but this latest version has had problems – it didn’t recognize my moth’s food and my bear’s food. It kept saying that no food for my pet was recognized. Specifically, fruit for both moth and bear, cheese and clam for bear. I made sure it wasn’t excluding these foods for quests, and the same problem. These problems were at low levels (10-14 level for toon and pet).

  11. Shdwphnx Says:

    Is there a way to see what will be fed to my pet before I actually let my pet eat whatever it is? (IE: a “test feed” command or something similar)

  12. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Thanks! I’ve had little time to diagnose and work on a fix, but detailed reports like this help.


    What food(s) is it failing to find for your cat? Are you using the current version of FOM? Does the issue persist if FOM is the only addon enabled? Without such information, it’s hard to fix this problem.

    (Yes, there’s currently no way to manually add foods for FOM to use… I’d like to bring that feature back eventually, but it needs work to interoperate with the new PeriodicTable database. In the meantime, though, it should hardly be needed, as PT includes nearly all known pet foods… so if it’s not feeding foods you have, it’s more because of a bug than a missing feature.)


    Do those foods show up in the Food Preferences window? That’d help determine whether the problem has to do with the database of valid foods or with FOM finding them in your bags.


    Mousing over the pet happiness icon (next to the pet’s health bars in the default Blizzard UI) shows which food will be used next. Alternatively, opening FOM’s Food Preferences panel and checking the boxes to show only foods your current pet will eat and foods in your inventory will cause the displayed list to generally match FOM’s priorities when feeding: whatever’s at the top will probably be what’s fed next.

  13. MidniteMoo Says:

    Would it be possible to at least set it so that pets will eat conjured foods before regular? Would be a BIG help on raids and the like. 🙂

    Some of my favorite addons ever, btw. Thanks!

  14. waytoomuchcoffee Says:

    Are you going to update with Wrath foods anytime soon? Getting tired not being able to feed my gorilla because it can’t find any foods in my inventory.

  15. zeran Says:

    thanks for all the hard work you are cool and make being a hunter more fun just wanted to say we all really appropriate all the work and are grateful for your efforts just too poor to send you cash to help you keep up the good work thanks again and sorry I can’t donate.

  16. Ardendolas Says:

    I can attest to the apparent bug with the priority list.

    On my priority list, I’m displaying only the foods that my gorilla will eat and that I have on me. At this moment, I have Conjured Mana Strudels, and Telaari Grapes. My gorilla will eat conjured stuff, so the Mana Strudel shows higher on the list, but if they’re both checked, the tooltip on my pet’s happiness shows he’ll eat grapes. Only when I uncheck the grapes do I get my pet to eat the Strudels.

    So, during times when I have conjured foods, I’m having to toggle out the lower stuff.

    Either way, great addon, I still love it a lot! Keep up the good work, I’ll certainly keep updating!

  17. Sunwolf Says:

    Hi! I love the addon, but I’m having a problem similar to what Ladydragon described.

    Feed-O-Matic fails to identify boiled clams as a legitimate food for my kitty. It shows up on the right side of the food preferences window (the “cooking products” area), but it seems no matter what I try I can’t get FOM to ID ’em as a yummysnack for kitty.

    I’m using the current version of FOM, and the issue is unchanged when I disable all other addons.

    Thanks for the wonderful addon, and let me know if I can provide any additional info. 🙂

  18. Lionis Says:

    I noticed an interesting error right after logging on today, not sure how long it’s been there as it’s in the chat log in amongst all the initialzation messages after logging on. (Don’t ask why I went back and checked them all! lol ) Feed-O-Matic v 3.0.4 error: Can’t find Feed Pet Spell. (Have you finished your level 10 hunter quests?) But yet, I’ve got a macro that I’ve been using for the last year that works beautifully, so it’s finding the spell when I need to feed my pet. Macro code is:

    showtooltip [target=pet,dead][modifier]Revive Pet;[nopet]Call Pet;[pet, combat]Mend Pet;[nocombat, pet]Feed Pet

    /cast [target=pet, dead][modifier]Revive Pet;[nopet]Call Pet;[pet,combat]Mend Pet /stopmacro[combat] /click FOM_FeedButton

    Hope that helps

  19. Lionis Says:

    oops, macro didn’t come out right on last message, trying again….. #showtooltip [target=pet,dead][modifier]Revive Pet;[nopet]Call Pet;[pet, combat]Mend Pet;[nocombat, pet]Feed Pet /cast [target=pet, dead][modifier]Revive Pet;[nopet]Call Pet;[pet,combat]Mend Pet /stopmacro[combat] /click FOM_FeedButton

  20. Moldavia Says:

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Gazmik. Have a good and safe one.


  21. Tezaro Says:

    FOM will not detect Crunchy Spider Surprise for my cat. My cat will eat it, but FOM generates an error when I manually feed it to my cat. Previous version used to detect it fine.

    • For example, on Crunchy Spider Leg it will tell me my cat likes to eat it, but for Crunchy Spider Surprise it doesn’t say anything.
  22. Jeanne Thelwell Says:

    I’m not sure what the problem is. I downloaded 3.04, but it doesn’t show the WotLK foods, like chilled meat. I know my pet will eat it and, strangely, on my Mac, the WotLK foods do show whether my pet likes it or not. Is there a later version that I missed? (Although how I could have a different version on my Mac, I can’t imagine.

    I love this addon; any help will really be appreciated.

  23. lochnar Says:

    Thanks for your addons! I’ve run into an odd problem. I use X-Perl unit frames. Initially, clicking the pet happiness icon won’t feed my pet. If I open the X-Perl config screen and close it again, without changing anything, the click feed works and keeps working until I log out. Any suggestion on why or how to fix this little diddle?

  24. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Sounds like an X-Perl problem, sorry.

    Food issues:

    FOM 3.0.4 includes just about all the known foods from Wrath content — if it’s not using them, there’s a problem. Tracking down these problems has proven difficult… if you’re having these problems and would like to help see them fixed, please provide additional information:

    1. When you have the foods you want fed to your pet in your inventory, do they show up in the Food Preferences pane (under Feed-O-Matic in the Interface Options window)?

    1a. If yes, do they show up in the main list in that window? (If they show up only in the “cooking products” column, that means we’ve identified them as things that can be produced from cooking a basic food, but not as food themselves.)

    1. If no, are you sure you have the current version (3.0.4) of Feed-O-Matic installed? Is it a “clean” install (if you upgraded from a previous version, did you delete the old version before replacing it with the new)?

    2. Do the foods show up if you disable all other addons? If so, start re-enabling other addons one by one until the problem comes back. Which addon(s) are conflicting?

    3. If the foods show up in the Food Preferences window but FOM isn’t actually using them (or isn’t following the priority order it should), which foods are they, which other foods are in your inventory, and what kind of pet are you using?

  25. Zidomo Says:

    Been posting about the continual error this mod produces ever since v3.0.4 was released on WoWInterface. Since there have been no updates to the mod in 3 months, posting about it here.

    Quoting my posts on WoWInterface: “Feed-O-Matic 3.0.4, disembedded updated libraries (LibPeriodicTable-3.1 r30), USEng client/server, WoW 3.0.2 live.

    Identical error here the first time feeding in a session with a mid-level hunter. Happens whether using a keybind or feeding manually using the Blizzard “Feed Pet” icon. The difference from the above person: happens when feeding an old school pet (Turtle) with either of two old school foods (Filet of Redgill or Spotted Yellowtail). Error recorded with the BugSack/BugGrabber mods:

    LibPeriodicTable-3.1-90006:345: Invalid arg1: item must be a number or item link\nLibPeriodicTable-3.1-90006:345: in function ItemSearch'\nGFW_FeedOMatic-3.0.4\\FeedOMatic.lua:743: in functionFOM_RandomEmote’\nGFW_FeedOMatic-3.0.4\\FeedOMatic.lua:355: in function `FOM_OnEvent’\n:\”:OnEvent\”:1: in function <[string \”:OnEvent\”]:1>

    Happens once during a session. Pre-WoW 3.x, never had this error occur.”

    “The below error is still occurring every single session (sometimes twice per session) with the Hunter with v3.0.4 in WoW 3.0.3 (new patch). Have tried embedding the updated LibPeriodicTable library instead of having it standalone, no difference.

    Have disabled it now & switched to FeedIt, which works properly with no errors. It also uses LibPeriodicTable food lists.

    Look forward to seeing Feed-O-Matic fixed; its additional features are terrific.”

    “Decided to try Feed-O-Matic again. I missed the additional abilities this has compared with other feeding mods.

    But…its still bugged as of WoW 3.0.8a live. Using the very latest LibPeriodicTable-3.1 (r141_release as of Jan. 30/09 from wowace.com/projects), the following error still occurs on every single session tested in. As it has since v3.0.4 was released:

    LibPeriodicTable-3.1-90006:345: Invalid arg1: item must be a number or item link\nLibPeriodicTable-3.1-90006:345: in function ItemSearch'\nGFW_FeedOMatic-3.0.4\\FeedOMatic.lua:743: in functionFOM_RandomEmote’\nGFW_FeedOMatic-3.0.4\\FeedOMatic.lua:355: in function `FOM_OnEvent’\n:\”:OnEvent\”:1: in function <[string \”:OnEvent\”]:1>

    No other mod I run (and I run & test plenty) has issues in combination with LibPeriodicTable.

    Would be nice to see Feed-O-Matic finally updated to work properly with the LibPeriodicTable libraries/WotLK foods some day.”

  26. Zidomo Says:

    (since my previous post isn’t showing up here–assume its due to the characters in the error messages submitted–am posting an abbreviated version now)

    Been posting about the continual error this mod produces ever since v3.0.4 was released on WoWInterface. Since there have been no updates to the mod in 3 months, posting about it here. If you want to check out the WoWInterface comments page for your mod, you’ll find information I’ve posted about the error (latest test today).

    Look forward to seeing this updated some day to finally work without errors.

  27. Idonia Says:

    The add-on does still work properly for me, just a few weird things:

    I noticed the same thing as Lionis, also if I try to use the regular feed spell (which I sometimes do if I’ve crashed or not updated my food lists recently) I get an error message. It sometimes will pick food from a larger stack instead of a smaller stack of the same level food. Other than that I love this addon.

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