FactionFriend 3.0.2

  • Fixed a bug where reputation icons in the menu could be an incorrect color.
  • Added an option (off by default) to enhance the default UI’s reputation messages in the chat window with a calculation of remaining repeat gains to reach the next reputation level. (e.g. “Reputation with Sporeggar increased by 750. (13.1 equal gains to Revered)”)
  • Includes a possible fix for a rare issue which could cause WoW to lock up.

12 Responses to “FactionFriend 3.0.2”

  1. Thortok2000 Says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna leave a $5 tip in appreciation. =D

  2. Svet Says:

    I hope the WoW lockup bug is fixed – sadly it was not so rare for me. Happened often when mosusing over inventory items. Mod is currently disabled because of this.

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Sadly, it’s rare in the sense that not many people see it, not that those who do don’t see it often… so it’s hard to make sure it’s fixed. I found a few places in the code where it’s theoretically possible to get in an infinite loop and protected them against such… if you still see the lockup issue, please let me know.

  4. PJ Says:

    Will it ever have full features for Timermaw hold? I mean it doesn’t show potential rep taking into consideration say Winterfall Spirit Beads, as opposed to Argent Dawn which does include the odds and ends.

  5. Meldayen Says:

    I really love this addon! I have found an item it doesn’t take into account though: 200 [silithid carapace fragment]s give 500 reputation points with the Brood of Nozdormu. (I still need lots of them…)

  6. Kilrah Says:

    I’m getting an error that just recently started. When I right click the reputation bar I get the error. The info below is from ImprovedErrorFrame.

    Error: attempt to concatenate local ‘standingID’ (a nil value) AddOn: GFW_FactionFriend File: FactionFriend.lua Line: 867

    This just started the other day with no changes made to any addons. I even disabled all other addons and this still happens. I’m not sure but it may have started after getting exalted with a faction.

  7. Kilrah Says:

    More info… I tried other characters and all was fine. I deleted the GFW_FactionFriend.lua for the character having the trouble and it worked fine. Idiscovered that the error starts once you track a new faction after tracking “Horde Expedition”. Looking at the file that caused the error shows…

    FFF_RecentFactions = { “Booty Bay”, — [1] “The Wyrmrest Accord”, — [2] “Kirin Tor”, — [3] “The Oracles”, — [4] “Frenzyheart Tribe”, — [5] “Warsong Offensive”, — [6] “Horde Expedition”, — [7] “Horde Expedition (12740)”, — [8] “The Kalu’ak”, — [9] “Horde Expedition (12990)”, — [10]

  8. Kilrah Says:

    After gaining rep with”Horde Expedition” I get …

    Error: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘standing’ (a nil value) AddOn: GFW_FactionFriend File: FactionFriend.lua Line: 166

    Looks like it does not like “horde Expedition”.

  9. Eteocles Says:

    The bone turn-in in Icecrown shows 250 rep with Ebon Blade per 15. Sadly, that is only the amount for the first 15. After that it is only 10 per 15.

    (Trouble with posting this, really hope it doesn’t end up posting twice)

  10. Kilrah Says:

    Any news on this problem?

  11. Shadow Says:

    I had the lockup bug with v3.0. Finally tracked it down to this addon. I’ve just updated to 3.0.2, and tested it with an item that reproducibly caused lockups with the old version (Vibrant Plume). There’s a noticeable delay after mousing over before the tool-tip appears (1-2 seconds) but it no longer locks up the whole game.

  12. Krappo Says:

    Hi… just want to start by saying you addons rock!

    There is a small error on FactionFriend regarding the Vrykul bones and the quest “Reading the bones”.

    The first turn in gives 250 rep with Knights of the Ebon Blade, but subsequent turn ins only give 10 rep each.

    It seems like FactionFriend calculates 250 rep each time.

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