AdSpace continued as Swindler Preventer

AdSpace is dead; long live AdSpace! Thortok2000 has picked up the code… he’ll be maintaining the database and adding features under the new name Swindler Preventer. You can find it at and

15 Responses to “AdSpace continued as Swindler Preventer”

  1. Tester Says:

    i hope it works with other addon author,but when you see this

    “I’m, uh, really bad at addon writing. I’m just a beginner, really. I’ll be able to keep the addon up to date with new data just fine, but fixing any bugs or issues, or implementing new features, may be really hard for me. I’ll do my best, though! ” dont know what to think about it

    too bad you cant do something toghether-like you code and he does DB-if my assumption is true that DB is what takes longest to maintain this addon

  2. Thortok2000 Says:

    Gazmik has said that I can keep all the same libraries as the original addon. So when he updates his other addon, I can copy over the ‘GFW’ libraries. This will help as I don’t intend on branching out to any features other than ‘adding info to tooltips’.

    One feature I do plan on adding is ‘limiting’ how much info shows up in the tooltip. For instance, if over 5 vendors sell the item, just have one line of text that says, “Over 5 vendors sell this item for 40s” or whatever the amount is. Other than that, I can’t think of any new features to add that fit in line with the addon other than data maintenance.

  3. Thodd Says:

    Sad, Sad day.. 🙁

  4. Donatas Says:

    If you do limit it to saying ” 5 vendors…”, I hope you at least list 5 from the faction’s major cities. One of the reasons this add-on is good is because you can see the name of the vendor. I’d rather have the spam then have no vendor listed at all.

  5. Thortok2000 Says:

    Really, the only recipes I’ve encountered with more than 5 vendors are cooking recipes for fish, and it’s pretty easy to figure out who to go to buy them. But one of my mantras when it comes to features in addons is ‘make it an option, that way everyone’s happy’. If I’m able to work out how to do that feature, there would be an option to disable it as well.

  6. Joel Says:

    And by the way, since I’m guessing the newbie is reading this blog, here’s what he has to do to make the slash command work:

    Change line 251 to 255 to say:

    SLASH_SWINPREV1 = "/swindlerpreventer";
    SLASH_SWINPREV2 = "/swp";
    SlashCmdList["SWINPREV"] = function(msg)

    Change line 846 to say:


    This is because InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToFrame() was renamed to *Category instead.

    This will fix your slash command problems. I still have no faith in you managing this addon though. You can’t go from beginner to handling a massive project such as this.

  7. Gerwanra Says:

    I commend Gazmik Fizzwidget for all the hard work he put in to making AdSpace and also feel gratitude that Thortok2000 is willing to take over the project. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  8. Thortok2000 Says:

    Thanks for the help with the slash command. I would like to emphasize I have programming experience, just no experience with LUA , XML, or WoW’s API. I understand very well the basic tenants of programming, though. I’m learning very quickly.

    I’m also working on things other than this addon. A few addons that their authors are not patching to 3.0, I’ve been going in and fixing bugs, just to get some practice. Or when an author doesn’t feel the need to add a feature I want, I add it myself on my local copy.

    With Gazmik allowing me to copy the GFW libraries from his other addons, I feel confident that I can maintain this addon as it will be 90% database maintenance anyway, and that’s the easy part. Any bug I do have a problem with, I can turn to the outside for help (such as that slash command problem) and learn quickly from the answers.

    I’ve given up on the ‘over 5 vendors’ option. Not because I don’t think I can do it, but because I think I’m the only one who would want it, and I kinda don’t want it anymore. =P The next feature I want to work on other than database maintenance is to have ‘detection’ for items other than recipes. You know how when you spot a recipe it’ll report it as not being in the database? I want it to do that for the other items I support as well.

    I’m going to be adding bags to the list of supported items and releasing the new version, with Joel’s slash command fix, later today. I’m also going to try to get it on Curse as well.

  9. Thortok2000 Says:

    It is now on Curse, and detection was very easy to implement.

  10. Joel Says:

    Thortok2000: Glad to hear that you have prior programming experience, that gives me a lot more faith in you, since then it’s quite easy to learn the WoW addon API. I suggest for almost all your learning, and whenever you have a problem just google for “wowwiki (the problem)” such as “wowwiki create frame” (no quotes of course). Also check out the Wowwiki API list that shows all WoW commands in the WoW LUA API.

  11. Bonita Bizzarre Says:

    I love the work Gazmik’s been doing all along. Add-ons that fill a need, well thought out and thoughtfully implemented have always been what I expect when I see that name. I am a bit curious about why the torch is being passed on this particular add-on (on that many users consider a basic necessity, not just fluff). Is Gazmik moving toward retirement? Was this one just too much trouble to keep working on? I can’t say I envy the workload or the commitment these projects take, so though I’m sad to see someone else taking over (and no offense, but by their own admission, someone who seems to be doing so as a learning project).

    Is this the beginning of the end for Fizzwidget’s? Will there be other stellar add-ons being handed off to different authors?I’m sure that there are other authors out there that are more than capable. I just feel a bit sad that someone else will be coming in to take over doing a job that has been done so beautifully and so professionally so far. It seems a case of an author and “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… Yes, I’m selfish and I miss you already.

  12. Thortok2000 Says:

    Wowwiki has been a lot of help. I just wish they had more documentation on API commands and variables. A lot of their variable list is ‘this is the variable, this is the default setting’, and it doesn’t tell you what the variable does, or what the min-max settings are. It’d be awesome if Blizzard would actually release their own list of API settings and variables.

    API commands seem to have better documentation. And when I need help on LUA or XML, I just look for an existing addon that does what I want and see how it does it, as best I can, wowwiki doesn’t seem to cover ‘basic lua’ so much. It’d be awesome if they had a list of commands for LUA exactly like they do for wow’s API list. I’d learn a lot faster if I had a LUA function list. Know where I might find one of those? Or one for XML?

  13. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    There’s another good WoW programming resource at (which goes with a pretty good book on the subject); they also have an API reference that covers a few of the things WoWWiki doesn’t. (WoWWiki has better coverage on some stuff, too… it’s good to look at both.)

    For info on the Lua language itself and its built-in functions, there’s and (on the latter, I occasionally dig into their wiki and its tutorials section).

    XML… is XML. There’s not much to it in and of itself — any book on the subject will spend the first few pages describing all you need to know about XML itself for use in WoW, and the rest on the zillions of (other) uses it can be put to. Wikipedia’s entry on XML probably has all you need to know about the language itself; for WoW-specific stuff, WoWWiki and the aforementioned website/book are as good as any reference gets.

  14. Mabugg Says:

    Many thanks for AdSpace, it helped me every day and I consider it one of my ‘must haves’.

  15. WoWEyE Says:

    is it possible for you to take this back. Thortok2000 originally took it from you a few years ago but he has since quit playing, therefore coding. I find it an invaluable tool that nothing else does anything near. By the way, the other website you link to no longer exists.

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