Feed-O-Matic 2.3.1

  • Added new foods introduced in WoW Patch 2.3.
  • Fixed an issue with setting key bindings that include modifier keys.
  • Added “Unbind Key” buttons to the Options window for removing FOM’s key bindings.
  • The diet argument to the /fom remove command is now optional; if omitted, the specified food will be removed from any and all diets it’s listed in. (e.g. /fom remove [Delicious Chocolate Cake] is now the same as /fom remove bread [Delicious Chocolate Cake].)

19 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 2.3.1”

  1. Longarms Says:

    Given you’re more likely to have an excess of [Conjured Manna Biscuit] than [Underspore Pod], I’d suggest changing line 1150 of FeedOMatic.lua to:

    if (itemID == 28112 or itemID == 34062) then
  2. Moldavia Says:

    Problem with this mod is it still uses random well fed food even though the food itself is not even in the lists. There is no specific ones just randomly does it as you progress through levels and gain higher levels of cooked food. There is no way to tell it not to use it we tried removing it from inv into bank and resetting food to something else then put back the well fed food and it goes right back to using it instead. We removed it from the lists with the /fom remove [xx] command and it wasnt there so we tried adding it and removing it manually no success.

    Otherwise your mods are awesome keep up the good work.


  3. moldavia Says:

    not sure if my previous post was deleted on purpose or not but here it is again. This mod is awesome use most of the mods here but fom has a bit of a peeve problem with letting pets eat well fed food. this is random through the levels as well as the well fed food is random which makes it hard to narrow down what might be causing the problem. every now and then just out of randomness it feeds pet whatever well food food you have in your inventory. tried moving it to the bank and get it to eat another food then put it back but it goes right back to eating the same well fed food until its gone.

  4. costezzo Says:

    Hi! This mod is awesome, I can not imagine there was time I was not using it. Well, I started to experiment with frame-mods like X-Perl and PitBull and… those disable the “pet happiness” button, making Feed-o-matic functionality unreachable (there’s nowhere to click). BTW, I tryed to bind Alt-F to “feed pet”, but discovered that it ignores Alt key completely. I don’t know if this is a bug or what, well, I never binded a key since I always click on “Pet happiness” (unless some other mod disables this mighty button). Well, I have a feature request: could you detach this button and make it independent of any standart element (and moveable and resizeable), so if that element is disabled by some other mod, Feed-o-matic button will still be there. So we could have it all: happiness indicator, a button to click on for feeding and the awesome tooltip, and easier UI configuration. Please! Please! And have a Happy New Year!

  5. blaising Says:

    costezzo: I had the same problem, so I made an addon called PetMe (http://wowui.incgamers.com/?p=mod&m=6143). Check it out, it uses Feed-O-Matic to get the feed your pet, but also shows you what food is next to be eaten and how many of that food you have.

  6. Maytrix Says:

    Having an isues with no button appearing with Pitbull Unitframes, Pitbull does not have a Pet Happiness Frame for Feed-o-Matic to hook, maybe make a floating feed button when PitBull is enabled?

    Thanks for all your great work on these mods and sharing them with the community.


  7. Palladia Says:

    I love this mod, despite the occasional use of the wrong food. Is there a mod that does the same for character food? I’d love to be able to press one button and eat the appropriate food (well-fed if not currently buffed, fastest health regen if below half health, second fastest if above half health, etc.). If nothing like this exists, the maker of Feed-O-Matic seems like the one to do it.

  8. FelArrow on SC Says:

    Could you add [Underspore Pods] in as Fruit? My Warp Stalker loves these things, but I can’t auto-feed them to him because they aren’t recognized as fruit by this addon.

  9. Bob Tanner Says:

    Constantly getting ‘Could not find any food in your bags for ‘Pet’ that you haven’t told Feed-O-Matic to avoid.’ Poking around the code, I see FOM_ERROR_NO_FOOD_NO_FALLBACK locale string holds this message. The code looks to be “FeedOMatic.lua” line 950 of 1713 –55%– col 22-36. I’m not sure how to set my fallbackBag.

  10. RedRibOne Says:

    Could you please put in the functionality that blaising added with his petme mod since he is no longer supporting it. I use AG unit frames and the feed pet button doesn’t show up at all. I can still use the bound key to feed but it was so nice to see my pets status, and have a feed button up all the time.

    I love your addon and it is a great help, but I do wish you could implement some if not all of the features blaising gave your addon with his petme.



  11. FelArrow on SC Says:

    I found how to add it myself. DOH! And actually, I only have to feed my Warp Stalker 2-3 Pods per day, and I can make 20 per day, so I never have a lack or excess of them. Between those and the mana bicuits that I eat myself, I’m good.

    I love this mod. I odn’t know what I would do without it.

    BTW, Warp Stalkers don’t eat Conjured Mana Biscuits. I tried. He doesn’t like them. sadpout

  12. Harlec on Bloodscalp Says:

    X-Perl 2.3.9b has made the effort that the FOM_Button is remapped to set on top of the XPerl_Player_Pet.happyFrame. However, with FOM and X-Perl both loaded, neither tooltip appears when the mouse enters the happiness icon. (I assume because the FOM_Button events are dependent on the PetFrameHappiness which is no longer there because X-Perl nuked it and the FOM_Button is covering the entire XPerl_Player_Pet.happyFrame).

    Is there anything you can do to make the FOM tooltip show up — or does it have to be done by the X-Perl folks?

  13. Harlec on Bloodscalp Says:

    Nevermind my last comment..

    I looked at the PetMe addon that was mentioned above and saw how he’d remapped the OnEnter event and using that concept put a modified version of your FOM_FeedButton_OnEnter routine (using XPerl_Player_Pet.happyFrame.icon instead of PetFrameHappiness) into the XPerl_Player_Pet.lua code and now the tooltip works.

    Thank you for a WONDERFUL addon!

  14. Chimaera Says:

    Hello, thank you for this neat addon. Is there a way to create a makro for feeding, so I can assign it it to a button? Maybe like /feed feed or something. Thank you.

  15. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Pet feeding has to go through WoW’s secure action system, so I can’t give it a memorable custom slash command. You can, however, make a macro that “clicks” FOM’s secure button: /click FOM_FeedButton will do it.

  16. Suleimyn Says:

    Either I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the ‘Avoid foods used for Cooking recipes’ option or it doesn’t work as intended. I had the FOM set to avoid foods used in cooking recipes of at least easy (green) difficulty. Despite having a cooking of 355 and plenty of barbed gill trout in my bags, the FOM told me it couldn’t find any food in my bags that I haven’t told FOM to avoid. At a cooking level of 355 the barbed gill trout recipes are grey. Furthermore, FOM prefers to try feed my pet a golden darter (green at 355 and grey only at 365) rather than either a barbed gill trout or a spotted feltail (grey as of cooking 340). At the time the smallest stack of food I had in my bags was a few golden darters. Evidently FOM ignores the cooking recipe preferences and will always choose the smallest stack of food (even when I’m not low on space).

  17. Erick Says:

    This addon used to be great but lately it has been bugging out on me.

    I realize it would be a lot of work, but would it be possible to switch from having ‘meat’ lists to ‘boar’ lists? i.e. change the food types to pet family types? Simply because I have multiple pets that eat meat and apparently the lists are not identical. With the new stable slots this might become a more common occurence.

    Great addon otherwise!

  18. Doug Says:

    Any updates for 3.0 or you gonna wait for WotLK to be released?

  19. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Check the front page or the Feed-O-Matic home page. 3.0 updates have been available for a week.

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