Hunter’s Helper 2.3.1

  • Fixed an issue (introduced in version 2.3) where an /hh find search returning results in more than three zones would fail to print the results.
  • Rebuilt pet skills database from as of 2007/12/01.

15 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 2.3.1”

  1. Paul Says:

    Why evey time i use the beast lore skil does it come up with hunter’s helper has incorrect data even when it has correct data

  2. Jan-Paul Says:

    Hi Gazmik,

    I noticed that not all pet information is available in the german localization. How can I help you complete the beast name translations? Is there any way to collect this data automatically in the game?

    Cheers, JP

  3. Michael Says:

    Hi, I got a question. Dunno if Im doing something wrong but I dont think so. You see, I got 3 characters that I play with. I usually play with my main Warrior. Sometimes I play with the other two (mage and hunter). Hunter’s Helper works as far as I can see when playing my Warrior. However, earlier tonight I was gonna go out and tame a beast with my Hunter, just to get disappointed. The tooltip från “HH” doesnt show up on monsters anymore!? I switched back to my warrior char. And waddaya know, HH works. Switching back to Hunter character, and now HH fails to work again 🙁

    What could be the problem? Playing my warrior gets me the detailed tooltip when I hover the cursor over a beast. But doing the same while playing my Hunter doesnt seem to work. And thats kinda the point, that it should work with my Hunter, eh? 🙂 Tried writing things like “/hh on” “/hh off” and that other command for “hunter only”. nothing works. :/

    Otherwise a brilliant idea and addon (too bad my warrior have no use for it:P )

  4. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Oops! I’ve fixed that bug for the next release (which isn’t quite done, as I’ve some other improvements in the works, but expect to see it soon).


    Take a look inside the localization.lua, localization_BeastNames.lua, and GFWZones.lua (localization-related stuff at the bottom). If you can provide the German client’s names for the various beasts there, they’ll be picked up by HH. (And if you mail me your edits to the files, I’ll include them with future HH releases.)


    That’s an odd sounding problem… I’m afraid I can only give generic troubleshooting advice: Check the Addons button on the character selection screen to make sure HH is enabled for the right characters. If you’re using the Ace AddonLoader, check its settings to make sure it’s loading HH for the right characters. If all else fails, delete or move aside your WTF folder to see what happens when loading with default settings.

  5. Kaosu Says:

    I was wondering if HH is broken in 2.4? As I can’t see it telling me the abilites but when I first loaded it, it did ask me to open my training book up. /hh does bring up the command list and all the commands seem to work.

    It just doesn’t seem to pop up and let me know about the abilities of monsters. Anyone able to help?

    Thanks for your time.

  6. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Couldn’t tell ya, since I’ve been unable to catch the PTR character copy during the brief times it’s been working. Once I’m able to test it for myself, I should be able to iron out any issues well ahead of the 2.4 release to live realms.

  7. Can Says:

    I would just like to say that this is a damn fine addon for Hunter’s and when paired with your Feed-O-Matic its a perfect combination. I look forward to the Patch 2.4 release for this addon and hope that you will continue your efforts all the way to WOTLK and beyond.

  8. kings Says:

    hey, looks like a great addon but dosent do anything for me. /HH works and so do all the sub commands but i dont see any tool tip or anything, or was i prompted to do anything on first run.

    I used it with no addons apart from HH.

    Any ideas?

  9. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Note that you’ll only see HH’s additions to the tooltip if you’re mousing over a beast that has tamed abilities… if your hunter lives in Shattrath, a quick way to make sure it’s working is to head out eastward into Terokkar. You’ll quickly see wolves, spiders, and warp stalkers that all should show a “Tamed Abilities:…” addition to the tooltip when you mouse over one.

  10. Seline Says:

    I haven’t been able to see learned abilities in a while. My character is in TM and I mouseover spiders and cats and see nothing except my mobinfo data.

  11. Demosthera Says:

    I’m having the same exact problem as King.

    I can use /hh find to find things with specific abilities, but when I mouse them over is shows nothing. I have already moved out the GFW files from the WTF and still not working. I really love this mod and I would like for it to work again. I have used HH for several years and not sure why it stopped working, or when, since I stopped playing for a while and just came back recently. I downloaded the latest version already replacing my old version as well. Any more ideas on what to try?

  12. Demosthera Says:

    heres a link to a picture showing my screen on a mouseover

  13. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Ah. Hunter’s Helper can only modify the standard tooltip provided by the Blizzard UI… if you use another addon that completely replaces that tooltip, HH won’t be able to add to it.

    (And if you’re having this problem only recently, it likely means that whatever tooltip addon you’re using was recently changed in such a way that prevents other addons from making additions to the tooltip. I’d suggest contacting its author.)

    In other news, I’ve been working on some major additions to Hunter’s Helper for the next release (scheduled to coincide with release of the WoW 2.4 patch); I encourage anyone interested to try the beta version available at WoWInterface (which also runs on current live realms).

  14. Demosthera Says:

    well, I figured out what addon was causing the issue.

    your addon doesn’t work with mobinfo2 with the mobinfo2 default settings

    I’m going to try finding away around it and see if I can make it work because I really would like to have mobinfo and HH working at the same tiem like it used to.

  15. Demosthera Says:

    allright, I figured out how to get your addon working again.

    the new mobinfo window doesn’t show it, but on the first tab of the options, you can select the indented box to enable the old windows. Also you can go to the 3rd tab and in the second column choose the option to ALT. It shows your addon there and then when you hold down the alt it shows the Mobinfo information.

    is there any way you can try getting your addon to work in the new version window of mobinfo? if not, I have a semi-workaround for it, but it would be nicer in the new mobinfo 3.52 window

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