TrackMenu Discontinued

TrackMenu’s functionality is included in the default Blizzard UI in WoW Patch 2.3.

Old versions will continue to be available from here in case other addon authors find the source code useful; see the older release notes listings for download links.

10 Responses to “TrackMenu Discontinued”

  1. Updates for 2.3 already rolling in | Says:

    […] a new pet skills database, and AdSpace has new vendor recipes. We additionally say goodbye to Trackmenu, our beloved and invaluable hunter addon that Blizzard will finally be integrating into the default […]

  2. Mike Says:

    Though Blizzard does offer the functionality now, I much preferred the layout of your implementation. It was easier to see and just looked better overall. It would be nice if Fizzwidget or someone else would pick this mod back up.

    Thanks for your great site!

  3. Thelwood Says:

    Thanks for a great addon! That these features are now integrated into the main interface, really speaks to the need it filled.

  4. Garr3tt Says:

    hy gazmik, i was wandering why discontinue a good thing why not rather turn it in an aspect menu cuz those icons still take up alot of space in my bars… best regards :))

  5. Star Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful addon, and all the addons you provide. Now that blizzard made the track menu tho one problem a lot of us have is the track menu is just stuck in an area where people cannot reposition it. I use squeenix and my minimap is in a different area then the default blizzard one, so the track menu is in a very awkward place. Does anyone know if there is a mod available that would allow us to reposition the track menu, or would the all knowing fizzwidget be willing and able to create a doodad for us non conformists?

  6. Arixx Says:

    Please bring this back, your interface was WAY better than Blizzard’s. They have wayyy too much junk on theirs!!!

  7. Falkeids Says:

    Thanks so much for creating this add-on, it was by default one of the best hunter add-ons for as long as I’ve played the game. As the other poster said it does really speak volumes about your design that Blizzard added the similar functionality in the default UI. Keep up the good work!

  8. CrashCat Says:

    Congrats on getting one of your many good ideas stolen by the base UI! And they even managed to improve it while they were at it. Pretty spiffy.

  9. Paul Says:

    PLEASE keep this mod working, the default blizzard one is HORRIBLE!!!

  10. Crispytoast Says:

    I have seen the new bliz track menu, and I don’t like it. It shows a huge list now, much of what it added is stuff I will only use in towns, I exit a town, it still shows in the list, huge waste of space in the track menu.

    Your TrackMenu played nice with every addon I tired, bliz’s attempt I see already conflicts with elkbuffbars, perhaps later version of elks will fix that, but I never ever had probs using your TrackMenu with anything else I tried.

    I have no idea how to modify bliz’s track menu, but I found out how to change the order of tracking skills for hunters in your TrackMenu, and did, that was very cool, to be able to adjust my most used tracking skills to the top of your list, and I liked how they displayed in your addon, too, bliz’s is so plain, and bonus, transparent, so when in a huge battle in AV, I can only imagine how slow it will be to work..

    Blizzard’s menu is just like all of their stuff, you can’t move it, I don’t recall if your TrackMenu was movable, but if you updated yours to work with the major blizzard patches, and made it moveable around the mini map, it would be very slick, I know I would use it, I’d like to use it now, for sure.

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