Linkerator 2.3

Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 2.3.

4 Responses to “Linkerator 2.3”

  1. Xpyder Says:

    with the most recent Linkerator, [Enchant Boots – Minor Speed] and other enchant’s won’t become a link, why?

  2. Xpyder Says:

    ok, I figured it out, I had 2 problems, I needed it to be re-linked, and they syntax is [Enchanting: Enchant Boots – Minor Speed] , not [Enchant Boots – Minor Speed]

  3. Brenrias Says:

    Does Linkerator display the vendor sell price of items in your inventory like Lootlinks does? I’ve been using lootlinks for awhile, but I’ve been having some problems with it lately and I’m looking for alternatives. My main reason for using it, however, isn’t the convenience of looking up cached item info, but simply the fact that it displays vendor sell prices.

    It’s very handy for when you run out of bag space and need to decide what to throw away and what to keep.

  4. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    Yes, the way the default UI handles enchant links changed recently; the links must start with “Enchanting:” now for them to be considered valid.


    Linkerator is about doing one thing — remembering chat links for reuse — with minimal memory/CPU overhead. So it doesn’t do vendor sell prices and probably never will.

    I’m an Auctioneer nut, so I’m pretty happy with its Informant module for vendor sell prices. For something lighter-weight, there are a number of addons out there now that efficiently do just vendor sell prices and nothing more… SellFish is the first to come to mind, though you can probably find several others by looking around at the major mod sites.

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