Linkerator continued as Linkepedia

I haven’t had the time to do everything with Linkerator that I’d like to, and it’s not fair to let it continue to sit in limbo. So, it’s officially on the discontinued list now; old versions are still available for download here.

There’s good news, though! “GhostfromTexas” has picked up the Linkerator code and is continuing development under the new name Linkepedia. You can find it at WoWInterface and Curse.

5 Responses to “Linkerator continued as Linkepedia”

  1. Xeddicus Says:

    Hooray! Glad it got resurrected!

  2. Selox Says:

    HORAY!!! THANK YOU GhostfromTexas!!

  3. Bronze Says:


  4. Koviko Says:

    Great to see that there is finally a Linkerator replacement. I check every once in a while to see if someone has an alternative. Imagine my surprise! 🙂

  5. Nechckn Says:


    Hail, oh wondrous creator of useful items!

    Although sad that your expert hand no longer has time for this, very pleased to see your allowing GFT to take it on; he is a worthy successor.

    Still loving your other delectable goodness, so happy you still have some time to keep them up.

    Nikk from Norganna’s AddOns

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