FactionFriend 4.2.3

Fixed error on login introduced in 4.2.2. (I don’t know how I managed to end up with the entire contents of FactionFriend.lua duplicated — probably gnome sabotage or something– but it’s back to normal now.)

3 Responses to “FactionFriend 4.2.3”

  1. Bramdal Says:

    Thanks for keeping this addon alive m8!!

    Its really handy .. thanks for work

  2. Magecloth Says:

    Love this addon, been using it for some years now. Wanted to ask about a slight lag delay when killing Mobs that give rep (such as 1’s in dungeons while wearing tabards); it started after the last patch, so not sure what Blizz may have changed concerning rep gain reporting. Wondering if it’s n issue that could be resolved from the factionFriend side or not.

    Thanks again for your suite of addons as I use them all & they have made my WoW experience more pleasurable with the ease they provide.

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Might be related to the recent change making FF more locale-independent — I suspect the delay may be due to looking up faction names by ID. I’ll look into it.

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