ReagentCost 2.3

  • Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 2.3.
  • Added Maiden’s Anguish to our list of vendor-provided reagents.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple “FRC_PriceSource == nil” errors could appear if a compatible auction pricing addon couldn’t be found.

8 Responses to “ReagentCost 2.3”

  1. neil Says:

    This is a great program, but I have one quibble. Many of the ingredients needed for Engineering are made by engineering. It would be nice if the report could be set to toggle between calculating the profit based on the cost of the immediate ingredients, and the profit from the base ingredients.

    For the sake of example, say I wanted to make something (WidgetA) whose ingredients are a handful of bolts (made from 1 copper bar) and a copper pipe (2 copper bars, and a flux).

    If bolts and pipes are copiously available at the auction, I want to know the profit from buying the bolts and pipe and selling the WidgetA.

    But if the reagents aren’t readily available, or if their prices have been fiddled with (only one person is selling pipes, and he wants 99 gold each), I’d rather know what the profit is for making WidgetA from 3 copper bars and a flux.

    The intermediate steps don’t have much use, so they’re rarely sold or bought.

    A second suggestion would be to somehow add tabs or a variable number of spaces to the reported prices so the costs, and profits line up in columns to make it easier to scan and compare recipes.

    Another idea that would possibly only be of use to me (and therefor not worth your time coding, but I’m suggesting it in case you find the idea intreguing) would be some way to override the cost of certain reagents, without setting them as readily buyable.

    I have set views of the value of reagents, which change much less rapidly than the going auction price, for example I think copper bars are worth 5s. I don’t care if they’re going for 6.30s because I get them from other sources, buying them up in bulk whenever they’re cheaper. I won’t change my views unless I become swamped with cheap copper, or if I find I just can’t purchase enough for a while.

    If copper is temporarily cheaper, the report gives me what I consider an inflated profit. When I buy the copper for 3s, I consider the buying a 2s profit, now I want to know how much I can make with my 5s copper.

    I also buy items that have high buyouts, but low bids. If a gem regularly sells for 1g, but I always try to buy them when the bid for it is 60s or less, I consider the gem worth 60s, because I would never buy it for 1g. I accumulate stacks of gems that accidentally undersold to me. If I can’t use them in recipes, I resell them when the market has gone back to what I consider normal.

    Let me make clear that I love your program, but it fails to compute the cost of an item the way I do. It comes close enough that I find it very useful, but if I could customize it a bit more, it would be even more useful.

    One last suggestion would be making a report based on an item. If I have a lot of pearls, I’d like to see a report of all the recipes that use my pearls as a reagent.

    I started writing this only to make the first suggestion (my top wish). As I was writing I tried to think of what features would make this program still more useful to me. I hope you don’t think it presumptuous of me. I hope these ideas might be of use to you.

  2. Tygras Says:

    Will you be updating this to work with the latest version of Auctioneer, AuctioneerAdvanced?

  3. Mark Says:

    Does this work with the new Auctioneer Advanced?

  4. Brutedagger Says:

    it would be very helpfull if u added compatability with WOWecon

  5. Reccos Says:

    Just a heads up it claims compatibility with KC_Items but it doesn’t actually work. A good idea for an addon but its completely borked… I’m working on fixing the lua code myself so I’ll upload it somewhere when I do so you all can actually use this addon.

  6. Zodius Says:

    Hi Gazmik,

    Really appreciate your work for reagentcost, it has help in my AH game whole along since I start playing the game.

    Is it within your capacity to add in a sort function or simple interface to show the highest price/profit (in absolute or % term) for the items?

    Some of us have limited chat lines and is a bit troublesome to scroll through the list generated, with also the ever gap for profitability issue (some items has low profitability though has high absolute returns, vice versa. some items may seem unprofitable, though it is due to the mats rarity in which you know where to get cheap source)

  7. Joshua Says:

    Just upgraded from 2.1.1 once i read that ReagentCost now works with Auctioneer Advanced. However, when in look at the materials cost for transmute Primal Earth->Water, it shows the cost at 18g. Auctioneer Advanced displays the market value of Primal Earth at 3g 69s Appraiser (market)x1 Seen 8015 over 56 days Any idea what could be the problem here? Or do you know how i can manually override it?

  8. Malediction Says:

    When using Skillet (ace trade-gui enhancer) the only valid ReagentCost that displays is the first one I click on. This applies to all skills be it Poisons, Cooking or LW.

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