Hunter’s Helper 2.3

  • Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 2.3.
  • Rebuilt our pet skills database from the one at Petopia as of 2007/11/12.

11 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 2.3”

  1. Updates for 2.3 already rolling in | Says:

    […] for his wares. They are not only compatible with the new patch, but have had some spiffy tune-ups. Hunter’s Helper has itself a new pet skills database, and AdSpace has new vendor recipes. We additionally say […]

  2. webwatcher Says:

    I love this addon. But i have serious trobles since i updated to version 2.3.

    On the german WoW-Client there will no pet-abilities shown when you fire up “/hh find “.

    This happens with german and english ability names.

  3. Randy Says:

    It seems that there may be a problem with the database associated with the find functionality… I just loaded the latest HH release, and there are very few pet skills that it can identify a source for…. The line that usually displays what beasts have the skill by zone comes up blank for most skills that I try looking for….

  4. Amaryliss Says:

    The updated patch is not showing which animals skills can be learned by. When we type /hh find dash 2 , it states which beast can use it and says this ability can be learned by : (the end) doesnt list them. Everyone in our guild is having this problem. We love your add on and hope this bug is fixable.

  5. Mingonashoba Says:

    Heey I’ve noticed a problem with the latest release, the commandline interface is not telling me where there mobs are that have a certain skillset. I type for instance, /hh find claw 4 and the last line it prints is “Claw 4 can be learned from:” and that’s it.

    I tried deleting the LUA but no dice. Any ideas? Delete the Cache folder maybe?

  6. Randy Says:

    Any news on when the Find functionality might be fixed, or what I need to do to fix it on my end?

  7. Zero Says:

    I love this add on, but when I try to look up a pet skill, for example, bite rank 7 it tells me what pets can learn it, but doesn’t tell me which mobs to tame to get it.

    I type /hh find bite 7 and it says “Bite 7 requires pet level 48” “Bite is learnable by: ” “Bite 7 can be learned from: “

    it stays blank. Am I just doing it wrong or is there something going on? There are no errors shown.

  8. Durr Says:

    I love it, as i do with many other of your mods…. thanks very much

  9. Deltorroc Says:

    updated to 2.3 and the tooltips in the mouseover is not showing tamable tips..i also have mobinfo …but the old version worked (2.1)so am going to redownload the older version

  10. Salkiri Says:

    I tried to use the search function /hh find bite # and it shows a list of beasts that I can learn it from, but doesn’t show where anymore. Just shows a blank line.

    Bite 1 can be learned from

    and that’s it. Same for anthing I try to search for. I also deleted the LUA files and tried again.

  11. Tundran Says:

    First let me just say i love your hunters helper, and linkerator. Awesome work, however I am having an issue with using the find option in HH. When i type /hh find bite 3 I get what lvl my pet has to be, what pets can learn it and then nothing listing for what animals it can be learned from. I tried it with Fire Breath that the dragonhawks can use and it gives me something for what to learn it from, but with all the old pet abilities i keep getting nothing for the listing of what animals it can be learned from.

    Wanted to mention this in case someone else has been having similar issues.

    Thanks again for your awesome addons.

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