ReagentCost 10900.3

  • Futher changes in an attempt to support either the current “Release” version of Auctioneer ( or current “Beta”/”Alpha”/”Unstable” versions ( tested).
  • Fixed a problem where RC’s SavedVariables could grow to an extremely large size.

2 Responses to “ReagentCost 10900.3”

  1. eswat Says:

    just so you know, this still needs to be tweaked to support the new version of KC_Items (0.94)… [ I’ll be testing my changes tonight ]

  2. Jawynd Says:

    I think I have managed to fix ReagentCost.lua so that it works with the new KC_Items v0.94. I have run a Unix Diff on the changes and here are the results. A brief explanation on how the diff format goes…

    The first line of a section is the line number(s) changed and then the line number(s) changed to (i.e. 139c139). The following line starting with ‘<‘ tells what to remove. The end of a remove section is signified by a ‘—‘. The beginning of the replace section starts with ‘>’. The end of a replace section ends with the beginning of the next change. I hope this is clear.

    139c139 < elseif (KC_ItemsAuction ~= nil) then

    elseif (KC_Auction ~= nil) then 973,974c973,974 < local itemCode = KC_Items:GetCode(itemLink); < local seen, avgstack, min, bidseen, bid, buyseen, buy = KC_ItemsAuction:getItemData(itemCode);

    local itemCode = KC_Common:GetCode(itemLink, true); local seen, avgstack, min, bidseen, bid, buyseen, buy = KC_Auction:GetItemData(itemCode); 985c985 < sellToVendorPrice = (KC_SellValue:GetPrice(itemCode) or 0);

      sellToVendorPrice = (KC_Common:GetItemPrices(itemCode) or 0);

    997c997 < GFWUtils.DebugLog(itemLink..” not found in KC_ItemsAuction or vendor-reagent prices list”);

      GFWUtils.DebugLog(itemLink.." not found in KC_Auction or vendor-reagent prices list");

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