AutoCraft 11000.1

  • Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.10. (No actual changes were needed.)
  • Minor improvements to utility code shared across Fizzwidget addons.

26 Responses to “AutoCraft 11000.1”

  1. Alfie Says:

    Having problems with 1.10. Different minerals in queue to be smelted and it pauses between them and doesen’t continue until I press “Run Queue” again. Happened already two times today so is it just me or…?

  2. Durius Says:

    Same problem here. All seperate items in a queue will cause the queue to pause when it tries to switch over to the next new item. 🙁

  3. Halfing Says:

    Happens to me too. It stops the queue after each type of item is made.

  4. ech Says:

    I am having the same problem as Alfie, it keeps pausing between item-type queues.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Same thing as the feed-o-matic the queue pauses after the first item in the queue is finished. I believe it has to do with the changes blizzard made to the UI to stop automation. You can still queue everything up but you have to manualy click on the run queue after each item is finished. Don’t think there is anyway around it. Even though there is no longer any automation the queuing up of items is good.

  6. tard Says:

    I am having the same issue as Alfie. The queue pauses between items until I press “Run Queue.”

  7. Fimpen Says:

    Same problem here. Think it’s similar to the problem I have with Feed-o-Matic. Seems as Blizzard has become more restrictive with “auto-input”…

  8. Pokems Says:

    I was having crashing issues with this latest version (11000.1) after replacing the former version last night. Every time I would open my Engineering and scroll down to my Core Marksman Rifle and other items in that area, my whole client would freeze indefinitely until I exited the client and killed the ‘not-responding’ client. I also noticed that my FPS dropped from 50+ to like 5-9 when I opened my Engineering tradeskill and AutoCraft initiated.

    Since this was such a hassle, I reverted to my former version (sadly I didn’t catch which rev level it was last night) and just updated the .toc file with 11000 and everything seemed to resume as normal.

    I just wanted to pass this on with the hopes that you might catch what is going on. The problem is repeatable 100% of the time for me with ver 11000.1 .

  9. Katharus Says:

    Happening with any craft.. if you have more then 1 item que’d it pauses between change of next item on list. You have to hit run que after each item. Please fix this.

  10. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Thanks for all the reports; I’m looking into the queue pausing issue and hope to have an update soon (though as some have mentioned, there is the possibility that crafting items may have become impossible to do without hardware input, as have so many other actions in 1.10).

    I was having crashing issues with this latest version (11000.1) … I reverted to my former version (sadly I didn’t catch which rev level it was last night) and just updated the .toc file with 11000 and everything seemed to resume as normal.

    That’s rather bizarre, as the TOC version should be the only difference between 10900.3 and 11000.1. What you might have experienced is a freezing bug in the WoW client itself that happens when APIs that invoke requests to the server are called too many times in a short period — the way AutoCraft hooks the TradeSkill window makes it difficult to avoid such issues, and the way WoW caches client/server communications makes it difficult to reliably test workarounds. In any case, I’d be interested in hearing if you still have the problem upon re-upgrading to 11000.1 now that your client has presumably re-cached everything it needed to following the 1.10 patch.

  11. Funk Says:

    Same issues as others, I assume this is on purpose.

  12. Pook Says:

    I had the same issue with the WoW client crashing and locking up the computer when I installed the new Fizzwidget versions while scrolling through my Cooking recipies, but like you said the next time I loaded up everything went fine. Weird!

  13. Brian Says:

    on my engineer i found that having dense stone and thorium bars in inventory if i clicked queue all it would queue the dense grinding stone then thorium shells

    however now i have to manually queue thorium shells

  14. Urbs Says:

    Greetings Gazmik,

    maybe I should introduce myself first. My name ist Urbs and I represent the UCA–U-crafter’s association. Some of the crafters of my association, especially those in the alchemy profession, do have a problem in finding the right formula of a particular item. I’ve told them al- ready to clean up their desk, but they continue to tell me that’s impossible. And they refuse to use a gadget, which is not approved or build by Gazmik. Therefore I would like to ask you, if it would be possible to add a search function to your AutoCraft gadget. That would really help my collegues a lot.

    Thanks in advance and take care, Urbs

  15. Phosphorous Says:

    I’m having problems with freezing up 11000.1 client as well. When I open up my blacksmithing panel it freezes indefinitely as the other person had posted above. I use Devla’s QT Mod and have reinstalled everything about 3 times now. Each time I tried to open up my blacksmithing panel I would freeze up and the only thing I could do was restart my computer by pushing the power button. I’m going to try what the other guy did and just update the .toc file and see if that works for me as well.

  16. Phosphorous Says:

    Ok, it worked. I replaced my .toc file from the previous version of Autocraft and everything works fine now.

  17. Mirp Says:

    Hi there, thanks for the SUPER addon. This and FOM are two of my top addons, for sure.

    That said, I wanted to make a shameless feature request. Any chance in making the Queue frame dragable? Or a little control panel to help position it in UI?

    Sincere regards, and thanks again!!


  18. Halfing Says:

    Not compatible with MobileFrames. Having both loaded gives an error message and seems to cause delayed load time.

  19. Grent Says:


    I love your work! I am writing you because I am having trouble with your autocraft gadget. Even though I flip the toggle to have it run automatically it pauses between hoppers. For example if I put 120 iron ore in one hopper and 50 mithril ore in another, hit the run switch, and go have an ale, I come back to find 120 bars of iron and a hopper full of mithril. Am I doing something wrong or do I have a defective machine?


  20. Kiryn Says:

    I had to install MoveAnything in order to move the queue out of the way of the rest of my UI, as I never got a response from you in any of the comments or emails regarding this.

    I’m still waiting for you to acknowledge the fact that it says “Queue Paused” underneath the queue at ALL times that there is something in the queue. Regardless of whether or not the queue is paused, if there is something in the queue it will say it is paused. I have tried emailing you, commenting on curse or worldofwar, and once even here, ever since 1.9 came out and still no response. I get the feeling you don’t listen to bug reports ~_~

    The problem with queueing items came from the 1.10 update that requires a hardware event in order to craft something, the other mod AdvancedTradeSkillWindow has the same problem, it cannot be fixed. Though you might be able to have some kind of reminder to tell you when the current item is finished and that you need to press a button to continue crafting. I love how Blizzard let us get on a flight path for 15 minutes and go AFK, but prevented us from doing the same with tradeskills….

  21. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Yes, it looks like 1.10 has made it impossible to start crafting actions without direct input (i.e., advance AutoCraft’s queue and start creating another item without you pressing a button). For now, you’ll need to press “Run Queue” (again) each time a type of item is finished to move on to the next type of item. I’m currently looking into possible loopholes and talking to some friends in blue robes to see if there might be a solution; otherwise I’ll soon be releasing a version that makes the necessity to press a button to advance the queue more obvious.

    There are too many addons around for me to be able to verify compatibility with all possible combinations of gadgets and gizmos… I’ll be looking into making the queue status UI (icons above and text below the casting bar) movable or at least hideable for my next release, but I can’t offer any promises as to how soon I’ll have the time to work on that.

    As for the “Queue Paused” text being always visible… I’m unable to reproduce that bug. Does it still happen for you all the time if you disable all other addons? (If not, try re-enabling some until the problem resurfaces — then you’ll spot the conflict.)

    I’m afraid I’m a very busy goblin these days… there’s not enough time in the day to answer every comment or email personally (even if I stopped tinkering with these gizmos), and my troll assistant isn’t literate enough to to the job. Your comments here are valuable in helping me find bugs, and I investigate and fix them as I have time to. But you get what you pay for…

  22. IRID1UM Says:

    hi gazmik, thanks for your efforts. even if autocraft can’t be fixed to advance the queue without user input, I’ve enjoyed it for a long time when it still worked. best wishes, IRID1UM

  23. Jobu Says:

    “even if autocraft can’t be fixed to advance the queue without user input, I’ve enjoyed it for a long time when it still worked.”


    Please keep us posted on any tidbits you hear from those in blue.

  24. Ghosty Says:

    Since patch 1.10 all auto actions are forbiden so running a Q of items to be made is considerd a auto action.

    Myself i dont find this addon usefoll against a other mod that i use im nog gonna post it here because of not 2 make any ad for the other mod

    in the mod i use you can Q items you whant to make whit not even having the mats on you . You can see on a list what you have inv bank alt of the materials you need ore what you need 2 buy ore farm.

    The only thing that made me use your mode is because i whas hoping the auto Q woud stil work. But it dusent =(

    else nice mod ^^

  25. Vanduul Says:

    is there a way to autoload AutoCraft. This addon or ReagentCost is causing an issue with ReagentInfo for certain items. Whenever I mouseover strange dust or silk cloth (two examples) i get the following error : Interface\AddOns\ReagentInfo\ReagentInfo.lua:605: attempt to index global ‘TradeSkillTypeColor’ (a nil value).


    If I open a t/s window first, I get the following error message: Interface\AddOns\ReagentInfo\ReagentInfo.lua:227: attempt to index global ‘TradeSkillTypeColor’ (a nil value). Now in my chat section when I open a t/s window it posts: ReagentCost TradeSkillFrame hooks initialized. Fizzwidget AutoCraft 11000.1 initialized.

    Once this is done, all works well. Please help

  26. everseeker Says:

    There’s a nice little “Buy” button next to the Queue buttons in my craft window… Any Idea WHAT it is?

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