Linkerator 10900.2

  • Fixed a problem where all orange (legendary) links were causing disconnects if sent to chat. (Had the wrong color code, oops!)
  • The /script (and /dump, if you’re using Vigilance Committee’s DevTools) commands are exempt from automatic “linkifying” of item names or numbers typed in brackets. (You can still insert a hyperlink into such commands by shift-clicking.)
  • Automatic “linkifying” based on item IDs now requires they be prefaced by a pound sign (e.g. \[#16955\]), due to a conflict with addons that put quest levels in brackets when inserting quest names to chat. (Kinda confuses people when you say things like “LFG [Apprentice’s Robe] It’s Dangerous to Go Alone”.)
  • Now supports bulk import from LootLink for those looking to switch. Log in once with both addons enabled, type /link import, and in a few moments Linkerator will know about all the items LootLink does, and you can uninstall LootLink if you so desire. (This may lock up the game UI for a couple minutes if your LootLink database is large.)

10 Responses to “Linkerator 10900.2”

  1. omicron Says:

    It will be nice if Linky could remember Enchants … Cuz then i can use it in my macros …

    • Frostwolf / German –
  2. eswat Says:

    any chance you could add support for importing from KC_Items in addition to LootLinks?

  3. Obi-Wan Quixote Says:

    Gazmik, I love your add-ons, both how they work and the craftsmanship that’s evident if you read the code. I often answer questions in guild chat simply with “”

    I realize that you didn’t really design Linkerator to be a drop-in replacement for LootLink, but I think there’s one feature you used in LootLink that you didn’t realize you did: Recording and displaying Vendor Sell prices.

    I didn’t realize how dependant I was on it until I disabled LL. The vendor price is used by EmptyBag to determine which is the least expensive item in your bag. EB gives you a button you can click to delete it if your bag is full. I know there are other add-ons that can show you the vendor price, if you’re willing to load the whole thing for just that one function (I’m looking at you, Auctioneer). I even hacked EB to use the Auctioneer_GetVendorSellPrice() function. There’s also the ACE add-ons that do something similar but then I’d have an essentially duplicate item table with the only difference being a byte or two worth of sell price data.

    Anyway, if you could a) pull in sell prices as and when possible and b) give us a function to get said price, I’d be much obliged. If you were to do that in preperation for writing a replacement for EmptyBag, I’d be absolutely thrilled. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thumperson Says:

    Gazmik, What joy I feel in using linkerator knowing that I am saving valuable time and memory over the other link database tools.

    As you yourself noted the “/link list” command is not currently very useful.

    Would you be able to enhance that to do a wildcard match search so that I could type “/link list [Apprentice’s *]” and linkerator would spit out all occurances matching that expression?

    You see, as a dwarf I may be a great craftsman, but Im a horrible speller, something that the current linkerator options never cease to remind me….

  5. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Vendor pricing isn’t really something in line with the lightweight purpose of Linkerator. However, there are several mods out there that do just vendor price tracking / display… I use Auctioneer’s Informant module for that myself (it can be used on its own without Auctioneer or Enchantrix installed), and there are at least a few others. I don’t recall all their names at the moment, but they should be pretty easy to find by browsing any of the sites linked from the sidebar of most pages here.

    You can already search Linkerator’s database by partial name match; /link apprentice's will return a list of all known items with “apprentice’s” in their name. (Sorry, no more sophisticated pattern matching than that, for now at least.)

  6. Jonathan Roy Says:

    Just a note,

    /link Giantstalker

    has no results, but

    /link giantstalker

    does. If you require all searches be in lower case, why not just lower() the search string, so it’s case insensitive?

  7. Jonathan Roy Says:

    I tried this because of your example…

    /g [warblade of the hakkari (main)] [warblade of teh hakkari (off)]

    however both are showing the offhand item.

    /g [warblade of the hakkari (main)]

    also shows offhand, not main hand.

  8. Lucien Says:

    First of all: great addon ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like it much better than all the bloated things with ui ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Using it, i had a little idea that struck me as maybe usefull: would it be possible to have something like TAB completion like in modern operating system shells(doesn’t need to use TAB since it maybe would interfere with the reply function) but something like, i start typing [giant then press a key and it gives me a list of possible matches that start with giant or if i have only one match in the list it completes right away?

  9. Engwaalcar Says:

    I was wondering if there are any plans to put the database of stored links into a window much like LootLink? Are there any search capabilities or plans to implement (i.e. by level (I’m interested in just level.))? I like the ability to type in the name of the item instead of looking it up and shift+clicking it into chat, but Linkerator lacks some aspects of LootLink that I like. But if Linkerator keeps a smaller database then LootLink, then Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd much rather run Linkerator. Awesome work!

  10. Zoljin Says:

    Is it in any way possible to create a separate window for Linkerator to display the results of a search in a window other than [General]?

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