Hunter’s Helper 1800.3

  • You know, I’m pretty sure that back when I started on Hunter’s Helper, you couldn’t find out about a beast’s tamed abilities using Beast Lore… but I recently noticed that you can now. So, some related improvements:
    • If you use Beast Lore on a beast which has tamed abilities, you won’t see those abilities listed twice in the tooltip (once by Beast Lore and once by Hunter’s Helper).
    • We parse the Beast Lore-enhanced tooltip, and can thus learn for future reference (in tooltips and /hh find) which skills a beast has without needing to tame it.
    • The text we add to tooltips matches the text you see when using Beast Lore (with an accordingly localized label).
    • We recolor the tooltip’s “Tamed Abilities:” line when it’s added by Beast Lore to show which abilities you already know and which you haven’t learned yet.
  • First steps towards localized releases:
    • If we don’t recognize the name of the zone you’re in when you use /hh find, we’ll fall back to one of several default zones (chosen based on your race or faction if we can parse them) so that the search can proceed, instead of failing to search at all.
    • Our built-in tables are now indexed by locale-independent spell identifiers wherever possible, and we automatically reindex dynamically discovered info to match whenever we can. What does this mean? If you’re running a non-English localization of WoW, Hunter’s Helper might not show much in the tooltips or /hh find results at first… but once you’ve opened your Beast Training window and/or tamed a few mobs (enough for us to match English spell names to localized names), we’ll be able to provide additional search results. Since we can’t automatically map localized zone and mob names to their English equivalents, the additional results may be in English.
    • There’s now a localization.lua file with keys for known pet ability names and beast families. Users of other WoW languages are welcome to edit this file to provide the localized equivalents of these names — send back your edits and I’ll include them in future releases. (The more Hunter’s Helper knows about localized names, the better it can access its built-in database when running under other WoW languages.)
    • Our built-in database of zone names is now (mostly) localized into French, German, and Korean, thanks to contributors who helped localize Fizzwidget AdSpace and the listings at
  • If we see new beast ability info that isn’t in our static tables (which can now happen when mousing over a beast that has the Beast Lore “debuff”, in addition to upon taming a beast), the message requesting that you email me about it will appear no more than once per minute.
  • In the past, we could sometimes run into situations where we wouldn’t notice we’d successfully tamed a beast with new skills, and then end up associating some other pet’s skills with it later. Added some checks to prevent such situations.
  • Added, updated, and corrected several database entries thanks to user contributions. (Notably, all three species of Wind Serpent in the Sunken Temple have Lightning Breath 5.)

9 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 1800.3”

  1. Balthazaer Says:

    Just downloaded the newest version.

    With the previous one i had no problems. Now when i start WoW i get a lot of nil error’s

    Didn’t write them down, will do when i start WoW again and post them here.

  2. Balthazaer Says:

    the nil error i get is the following :

    Interface\GFW-hunterhelper\hunterherlper.lua :281: bad argument #1 to ‘find’ ( string expected, got nil)

    this is what i get when i hover over npc’s I use the tooltip mod Tipbuddy and enhanced tolltip for auctioneer.

    Maybe tipbuddy has a conflict?

  3. Silver Says:

    I also get the same “nil” errors. I have Tipbuddy installed but not auctioneer, hope that helps.

  4. Kirz Says:

    I get the same.. a sad day too! I was excited to see the HH update.. but got nil errors for days. Uninstalled it and went back a version to fix it.

    I use TipBuddy and enhtooltip for auctioneer.

  5. Karyu Says:

    I haven’t noticed any nil errors with the new version. One thing to add to the database is Mist Howler has Furious Howl 1 in Ashenvale. its a cool abilitie (Party Members with 15 yards recieve an extra 9 to 11 damage to thier next Physical attack. Last 10 sec. I like it 😀

  6. Brad Says:

    When I type /hh find cower I get an error in GFWTable.lua:59 getn #1 expected table, got string.

    /hh find growl works.


  7. ThinGeek Says:

    I’m also getting the nil errors. To debug, I’ve restarted teh game after removing all of my other mods to eliminate the possibility of a programming conflict and the problem was still there. Hope that helps 🙂

  8. Corwin Whitehorn Says:

    Well I haven’t got any Nil error… just a “Next” error (I already posted it on curse with screenshots)

  9. Brad Says:

    To add to my error report of Nov 10th, changing line 493 in HuntersHelper.lua to:

    if (type(families) == "table" and FHH_NewInfo and FHH_NewInfo.LearnableBy and FHH_NewInfo.LearnableBy[spellID]) then

    seems to fix the problem. In the case of cower, I have:

    FHH_NewInfo = { [“LearnableBy”] = { [“cower”] = { [1] = “Tallstrider”, [2] = “Cat”, }, },

    in my GFW_HuntersHelper.lua savedvariables file.

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