Hunter’s Helper 1800.4

  • Includes a French localization by Corwin Whitehorn. (Still, only the names of abilities, beast families, and other basic information is currently localized. In order to localize the entire built-in beast ability database, I’ll need mappings of English beast names to their localized equivalents. Users of WoW in other languages can help by emailing their SavedVariables/GFW_HuntersHelper.lua file once they’ve tamed or cast Beast Lore on a handful of critters.)
  • Made some additions and corrections to beast ability tables.
  • Includes refinements to code shared with other GFW mods.

11 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 1800.4”

  1. Brad Says:

    I also use FeedOMatic and it didn’t get an update. Since it also uses the shared code, I’m wondering if I should copy the newer versions over to this directory.

    Just out of curiosity, with the shared code in multiple places, how do you know which version is actually loaded? Would it make sense to have a single copy in a pseudo-addon that all the other list as a dependency?

    Thanks for all your great work.



  2. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Feed-O-Matic will be getting an update very soon.

    My shared code files (GFWUtils, GFWTooltip, GFWTable, and GFWZones) are set up such that they know their own version numbers; when one is being loaded, it checks to see if it’s been loaded once already. If an older version is loaded already, the newer version replaces it; if a newer version is loaded, the older version won’t replace it. If you’re using the new Hunter’s Helper, its versions of GFWTable and GFWUtils are replacing the ones from Feed-O-Matic automatically, and all is good.

    I prefer this approach instead of keeping a separate “library” AddOn because it’s a lot easier to install and uninstall, and doesn’t clutter up the AddOns list in-game with things some users may not know what to do with.

  3. Rautare Says:

    I recently recieved the following message:

    “Hunter’s Helper has no data on Vile Sting (found Claw 5, Scorpid Poison 2 in Thousand Needles).�

    This is a level 35 rare scorpid found in Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles. It is extremely rare and I have only seen it once so far.

  4. McMuttons Says:

    Hiya. I was wondering if you could consider making it possible to get listings for all levels of a skill at once, like you could with the HunterPetSkills addon.

    For example, if I could do /hh find furious howl, with no skill level attached, then I could get the listings for all of the levels in a row. This is particularly handy when Blizzard release new skills and I want to go out to learn all levels of it.

    I think it’s kind of tiresome to have to write out each query, especially when it’s a longer skill name like furious howl.

    From what I can tell, I think you already have all the mechanics in place to do this easily, and it wouldn’t subtract from other functionality, so I hope you’ll consider it. 🙂


  5. McWaggs Says:

    any chance of making this compatible with mobinfo2?

  6. Nigrtswiift Says:

    Your mods are great – hope you can update the Feedomatic mod soon – I am so lost without it 🙁

  7. Jay Says:

    The Hunter’s Helper is awesome, I found so far one error though, when I type in /hh find prowl 1 (2 or 3) the level requirement it shows for prowl is 10 levels to high for each rank of it. Rank 1 is required level 30 pet, rank 2 is level 40 pet and rank 3 is level 50 pet but yours shows 40, 50, 60 so just thought you might like to update that, otherwise it’s great and I haven’t noticed any wrong info.

  8. Brad Says:

    When I type /hh find cower 3 (actually any level) I get an error after it prints Cower 3 requires pet level 25.

    GFW_AdSpace\GFWTable.lua:59 bad argument #1 to `getn’ (table expected, got string)

    Same thing when I type /hh find cower after it prints instructions to add a number.

  9. Brad Says:

    To add to my error report of Dec 9th, changing line 493 in HuntersHelper.lua to:

    if (type(families) == \”table\” and FHHNewInfo and FHHNewInfo.LearnableBy and FHH_NewInfo.LearnableBy[spellID]) then

    seems to fix the problem. In the case of cower, I have:

    FHH_NewInfo = { [�LearnableBy�] = { [�cower�] = { [1] = “Tallstrider�, [2] = “Cat�, }, },

    in my GFW_HuntersHelper.lua savedvariables file.

  10. Donna Says:

    Downloaded the other night, really enjoy it and have told guildies about it. Tonight, was in Stonetalon Mtns and tamed a Twilight Runner. I got error messages when I named him, and at odd times when I tried to tame him, put him away or take him out. I get an error message saying that it expects to find Cower 2 but finds bite 2, cower 2, etc.

    Also, not sure if this is just the pet or if it is the addon but I can’t get it to show it’s level in it’s progress bar.

  11. RealUnimportant Says:

    I’ve always found HH to be an excellent addition to my mods, even when I’m not playing my 60 hunter who no longer needs to tame anything for skills 🙂

    While in Badlands on a druid alt, I came across Zaricotl (lvl55 elite carrion bird, neutral reaction [attackable]) and every time I moused over him I’d get an error frame appear. If I selected him, all was fine; if I moused over his portrait, no problems; but if I hovered over the bird himself I got an error frame. Unfortunately I was unable to get any decipherable information from the frame.

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