AutoCraft 1800.6

  • Fixed a syntax error in the localization.lua file. Oops!

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  1. Vapok Says:

    Gazmik, I sent you an email containing information regarding a bug with the QueueAll button.

    I hope that I have been able to help you. Thanks!

  2. jediman Says:

    There is still an Error “Freeze after opening craft-window”

    If I open my Craft-Windows (craftskill 250+) AND the file “WDB\itemcache.wdb” is 0 Bytes or doesn’t exist it FREEZES! The erorr is repeatable…

    I use German-Client.

    Sorry for my english 🙂

  3. Chocky Says:

    When I try to cancel say a run of 10 potions of the same type half through the icon dissappears but the items still keep getting made.

  4. Jocotal (Khadgar) Says:

    Any updates on when this ui mod’s bugs will be corrected? I LOVE this mod but can’t use it currently because none of the buttons work with 1.8. They all throw errors and freeze. Any update would be greatly appreciated, even a “I’m a week/month away from fixing it” just so we know the status. We’re all waiting in anticipation 😉 . Thx and keep up the great work Fizz!

  5. Apate Says:

    Nice! I no longer bork my tradeskills if I have full bags (not yet, anyway 😉 )

    something else, however. I can no longer use MobileFrames to move my castingbar. using a non-standard UI setup, this puts my castingbar in an unwanted place.

  6. Evo Says:

    For some reason I cannot create crippling poisons level 2. It will buy the cystal vials, but gives message “bag is full” when trying to purchase essence of agony, so I have to purchase those manually.

  7. Oradi Says:

    Being a rogue, I can confirm the above bug. It seems to occur when autocraft has to buy more than 1 stack of ingredients for poisons.

    I also experience the “freeze on crafting window open” bug. It works for first aid, but If I try to open tailoring for example it takes ages, and wow uses lots of cpu time. (will now let it run for a while)

    Having said that, I realy like your addon, please keep up the great work

  8. Oradi Says:

    small update, not meant to be spam… wow just died after using up 1.7gb memory g

  9. Poledra Says:

    Noticing the freezing bug is back since the minor patch this week 🙁 Had to disable Autocraft again.

  10. Apate Says:

    I contacted the mobileframes author about not being able to move my castingbar with autocraft installed. he said it’s not something that can be fixed from his end:

    “Ideally anything that moves ui elements should check frame:IsUserPlaced() first, before moving. Most addons don’t. So they conflict with MobileFrames. He probably is replace hooking the same function as well which updates the bar. typical conflict… not much i can do on this end that would be useful. You’d have to modify it’s code.”

  11. eswat Says:

    I also noticed the problem with crippling poisons. I believe the problem stems from the fact that it’s trying to buy the components in too large of chunks. Most of the components for poisons can be bought in stacks of 20, but the one for crippling poisons can only be bought in stacks of 10. I believe the addon is trying to buy too much at one time and it’s failing, the error “bag full” is being displayed because that’s what the author thought was the only reason for the buy to fail (just my guess).

    A couple of potential solutions spring to mind; – buy the components in valid stack sizes (may be hard to figure out) – buy one set of components at a time, and continue until you’ve got the number requested

    I was planning to dig thru the code a bit and see if there was an “easy” fix for this problem. This is an awesome addon by the way…


  12. eswat Says:

    I’ve got a working solution for the crippling poison problem. I made an assumption that you can only buy a maximum of 5 items of anything at one time (based on the fact that most things stack in quantities of 5, 10 or 20 – so I pick the smallest stack). The new code figures out how many stacks of 5 are needed, buys them and then buys the remainder needed to complet the requested amount. It may not be the cleanest way to handle the problem, but I’ve verified that it works for my level 60 rogue.

    I replaced line 442 in AutoCraft.lua with the following code;

    — NOTE: adding a mechanism to chunk the amount

    — purchased at one time… [ eswat ]

    — ** trying to fix rogue/poison problem…

    local cTotal = math.ceil(amountNeeded / numPerBuy);

    if (cTotal > 5) then local chunks = math.floor(cTotal / 5); local sTotal = chunks * 5; local scraps = cTotal – sTotal;

    for i = 1, chunks do
        BuyMerchantItem(merchantIndex, 5);
    BuyMerchantItem(merchantIndex, scraps);

    else BuyMerchantItem(merchantIndex, cTotal); end

    Let me know if you’d like a working version with my changes to test.


  13. eswat Says:

    sorry for the messy code, it didn’t seem to get formated properly in the post. Let me know if you want the full file with the changes in place…

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