Hunter’s Helper 10900.3

  • Updated beast ability listings:
    • Scorpashi Lasher in Desolace has Scorpid Poison (Rank 2) and Claw (Rank 5).
    • Kresh in Wailing Caverns has Bite (Rank 3) and Shell Shield (Rank 1).
  • The required levels for each rank of Prowl are now reported correctly (levels 30, 40, and 50).

5 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 10900.3”

  1. Keerlke Says:

    /hh find bite 8 (I was in Silithus) got spell info for Bite 8 but no zone info

  2. Nuke Says:

    ello, are you supposed to download this file some special way? cause i tryed to download it but it does not work. So am i supposed to put it in a special folder?

    sincerely Nuke

  3. HanJand Says:

    I have a problem with Gemologist, AdSpace and Feed-O-Matic and Auctioneer, when I have any of the 3 AddOn’s loaded, I have problem with seeing Auctioneer info on a item. Example is I can’t see the vendor sellings price, when i mouse over an item in the quest log. I don’t have the same problems with Hunter’s Helper or ReagentCost.

    I use auctioneerpack-, but I also have the problem with older versions.

  4. Gossamer Says:

    Are you going to be updating this for the 1.10 patch?

    Please do so…these are some of the best add on I have ran accross.

  5. Darkdeeds Says:

    hey there this is an Orc who loves the huntershelper butyou should know that Bhag’thera in Stranglethorn Vale has the ability dash 2 and the Huntershelper sent me your way for you to update the Info Thanx and Great add 🙂

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