Feed-O-Matic 4.1.2

  • The Feed Pet button (added by Feed-O-Matic to the default UI’s pet frame) now indicates when Feed Pet is unusable or on cooldown.
  • Improvements to the tooltip shown when mousing over the Feet Pet button:
    • Now shows more information about what food Feed-O-Matic will use next.
    • Text in the tooltip is smaller and a bit more terse.
    • Tooltip can be hidden entirely via an advanced user preference: type /fom notooltip to disable the tooltip (or enable it again).

One Response to “Feed-O-Matic 4.1.2”

  1. HunterTure Says:

    Ok, I really do hate to complain, I do understand the coding that goes into an add-on and the work it takes, but The Feed pet Button is still showing when my pet is dismissed, I mount up etc. That was really the thing I wanted to disappear, but I didn’t know what it was called when I commented on the last build.

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