FactionFriend 4.1.2

A recent WoW patch switched the item IDs associated with Thunder Bluff and Undercity tabards; FactionFriend’s information is now updated to match, so the correct reputation will be displayed for these tabards.

5 Responses to “FactionFriend 4.1.2”

  1. Amir El Habashy Says:

    I’m getting this error on my DK: GFW_FactionFriend-4.1.2 (r$Revision: 726 $)\FactionFriend.lua:1022: TexCoord out of range

    GFW_FactionFriend-4.1.2 (r$Revision: 726 $)\FactionFriend.lua:1022: in function `FFF_MenuButtonSetWidth’

    GFW_FactionFriend-4.1.2 (r$Revision: 726 $)\FactionFriend.lua:1233: in function `FFF_ShowMenu’

    GFW_FactionFriend-4.1.2 (r$Revision: 726 $)\FactionFriend.lua:915: in function <GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:913>

    And I think I have made a comment before about if you have the rep bar on the top of the screen it seems to be outside the screen and often layered below fx. titanpanel.

  2. Amir El Habashy Says:

    Oh talking about the menu now.. silly me. And it doesn’t show reputation messages in chat despite it being set in the options on my dk.. have 9 other level 80 chars and they don’t have this bug.

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    I’ve seen many reports of errors similar to the one you’ve mentioned, but haven’t had much luck reproducing them myself. If you could help narrow it down to which faction(s) are in the menu when this issue occurs, it’d help: try moving factions to Inactive status (via the Reputation panel in the default UI) until the error stops happening.

    I think I have a fix for the menu positioning thing for the next update.

    As for reputation messages: the most likely cause of this issue is that you don’t have reputation messages showing in the chat window configuration. (Right-click the tab of the chat window you want reputation messages in, choose ‘Settings’ from the menu, and turn reputation messages on under Categories -> Other.) FactionFriend doesn’t control whether reputation messages are shown (because it’d have to deal with which chat window(s) you want them shown in), it just enhances the messages that are already displayed.

  4. Amir El Habashy Says:

    “Wildhammer Clan” seems to irritate the menu somehow

  5. Amir El Habashy Says:

    It seems that if I have more than 27 active factions the menu stops working If I swap around it doesn’t matter which faction as long as I keep it under 27 the menu shows.

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