Feed-O-Matic 3.0

  • Updated for compatibility with WoW Patch 3.0 and Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Rebuilt FOM’s system for choosing foods to feed your pet:
    • Our database of valid pet foods now comes from the PeriodicTable library.
    • Priority order for choosing foods is based (in part) on PeriodicTable sets (conjured, basic, or bonus foods, etc.)
    • There’s now a Food Preferences sub-panel under GFW Feed-O-Matic in the Interface Options window.
      • In it, all valid pet foods your WoW client has seen are listed by category.
      • The order of categories and foods in the list reflects the priority order for choosing foods: those nearer the top of the list will be picked before those below.
      • Individual foods can be unchecked in the list to prevent FOM from feeding them to your pet.
      • Entire categories can also be unchecked, which will prevent FOM from using any food of that category (even ones you haven’t seen yet). By default, only the “Well Fed” foods are disabled, so be sure to visit the list if you want to exclude other foods.
      • The list can be filtered to show only relevant foods for your pet (or for a pet of about your level, if you don’t have a pet summoned at the moment) or only foods you’re currently carrying.
      • If a food can be cooked, the list shows information about each of the the Cooking recipe(s) that use it: whether you know the recipe, its difficulty (i.e. orange, yellow, green or gray in the Cooking window), and the food produced.
      • This list replaces the “avoid bonus foods” and “avoid cooking foods” options in previous releases.
  • The “keep bag space open” option from previous releases has been removed: given multiple stacks of the same food, FOM will now always consume the smaller stack first so as to free up bag space more quickly.
  • Fixed several issues which caused the “Avoid foods needed for quests” option to fail.
  • Added numerous random feeding emotes — thanks to Mania and the creative commenters at http://maniasarcania.com!
  • Locale issues:
    • The random text added to feeding emotes (e.g. “Yum!”, “Good boy!”, etc) is now localizable. See the FeedOMatic_Emotes.lua file for details. (Thanks Virshan for a few Spanish.)
    • Added Korean localization by Boddalhee of Deathwing (KR).
    • Added Spanish localization by Javier Melo.
    • Added basic locale support for Russian, and updated basic locale support for French and German, based on Wowhead’s multilingual database. (That is, enough translations for all features to work the same as in English, but no localized UI text.)
      • Translations are missing for the new and renamed beast families (in WoW 3.0 / WotLK), so the family-specific hungry sounds don’t currently work in locales other than English.

6 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 3.0”

  1. Starcatt Says:

    As always, thanks for all of your addons and making them available before patch time! I don’t see a download link for Feed-O-Matic 3.0. Can you provide one Thanks!

  2. Van Says:

    Missing download link, but I figured it out. http://fizzwidget.com/downloads/gfw-feedomatic-3-0.zip

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Fixed, thanks!

  4. Jaeger Says:

    Thanks for all your effort Gazmik… greatly appreciated…

  5. Doc Says:

    No longer seeing the grapes as edible by the gorilla, which they are.

  6. Athishakthan Says:

    Is there anyway to make feedomatic work with Pitbull 4. or add it to a keybinding?

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