Feed-O-Matic 2.0.6

  • Fixed an error that would occur when the keyring is updated. (There’s no food there, anyway.)
  • Fixed some issues with hooking tooltips when other tooltip-modifying addons are present.
  • Added [Underspore Pod] (fungus) to the food list.

20 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 2.0.6”

  1. Hunter Says:

    When I change pet I have to alt+(keybinding key) or alt+click on pet Icon to feed him. I have not told my pet what type of food to avoid ?? How do I do? I tried uninstall (remove) Feed-O-Matic and later install again but I’ts not actually reset. Where are the data saved?

  2. RavagerMaster Says:

    Can’t use Smoked Talbuk Venison with Feed-o-matic, addon reports no food in bags. There is no pet opinion about this food either.

  3. Enigma Says:

    When I have feed-o-matic going and Outfitter at the same time I get errorr text saying there is a problem with Stubby (An auctioneer add on) when ever I mouse over the Character screen equipment slots. I also noticed that Disenchant predicter does the same thing but I don’t use it since I do not enchant on my hunter.

  4. Longarms Says:

    FOM still not feeding the Underspore Pods to my bear. I know he eats them as that’s all I feed him!

  5. Zhang Says:

    It seems this addon does not support male blood elf hunter. I tried a couple times, and found only blood elf male hunter can’t load this addon.

  6. Alturan Says:

    Still does not work with Rating Buster

  7. Alturan Says:

    Nvm, RatingBuster works fine

  8. Iséndir Says:

    I also get errors with Stubby when mousing over bag slots, sometimes character equipment slots, and occasionally items in bags though that’s mostly fixed now. Auctioneer is pretty much required in my opinion, but FOM is really useful and I hate to have to disable either one. If you’d like copies of the errors, let me know and I’ll send you all you like. Otherwise, thanks for the hard work on all the useful addons.

  9. Nerfherder Says:

    Is it possible to make the add-on automatically feed the pet whenever he’s content (so as to keep him “happy”, green-status…)? All I can seem to do is to get the add-on to flash a message whenever he becomes merely content, it won’t automatically feed him. The program works when I manually press a button, but will never do so automatically.

  10. Drakkon Says:

    I’ve noticed that most of the new foods in the Draenei and Blood Elf starting areas are not in feed-o-matic database. I have lots of food in my bags, but Feed-o-matic says it can’t find anything to feed them. is this a known issue being worked on, or are you not so aware?

  11. Moldavia Says:

    hi i have been noticing a problem on all my hunters on all 3 machines with different accounts that when you log in a lot of the time it will say no food found and do that for 5-10 minutes before it finds food then it starts using anything it can get regardless of the rules. I have tried deleting all the files associated with fom but still does it. This is the only problem I find. Be nice if you could add a featuer on the happiness icon to set what food to feed it when this problem happens.

    Nerfherder – blizzard used to allow auto feed pet but they removed it because it went against their TOS. Nothing in the game as of patch 2.0 can be automated in any way you must click a button to start an action. if you go into the settings you can set a key to feed pet for you when it becomes hungry. me for example I use F key to feed pet.


  12. RavagerMaster Says:


    It is not possible to automate feeding. Blizzard stated that they did not want add ons to perform automated functions. So while Feed-o-matic can pick the best food for your pet and notify you when he is hungry, you’ll still need to press the hot key to feed him.

  13. VincentGdG Says:

    I still do not know how to tell the addon which food to avoid. Isn’t there a way to CTRL-ALT-click on a food? I liked Petfeeder very much for its UI. Perhaps you should include some click or drag’n’drop functionality.

    And I would like to have the pet feeded when I use the mouse wheel. SmartBuff reacts to this so it is possible.

    Regards Vince

  14. VincentGdG Says:

    Would you like to have the messages translated into German? I will have a look at it.

    Regards Vince

  15. Feldur Says:

    I’m having the problem that FOM won’t find foods too, and yes Smoked Talbuk Venison is what “m feeding Schmucko. If I move food around in the bags, it finds the food and is OK after that until (I think) the next UI load.

  16. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Feldur, Moldavia: There seems to be an issue where we sometimes fail to receive correct inventory info from WoW upon logging in, summoning a pet, or pulling one out of the stables. (So we end up saying there’s no food in your bags.) I’ve not yet been able to track down the cause; for now, a good workaround is to open and then close the Feed-O-Matic Options window (right click the pet happiness icon) when this happens. (Or as you’ve noticed, move something around in your bags.)

    VincentGdG: Translations are always welcome; see localization.lua for localizable strings (and note some of them need to match the localized WoW client’s strings).

    You should be able to bind mouse wheel movements to feeding in FOM’s options panel.

    VincentGdG, Drakkon, Longarms, RavagerMaster, Hunter: You can manually edit FOM’s list of foods with the /fom add and /fom remove commands. See the included readme.txt or the [Feed-O-Matic page][] for detailed instructions.

    It’s possible that some cases of foods not being recognized might result from incorrect saved settings. Addons store their settings in your World of Warcraft -> WTF -> Account -> ACCOUNTNAME -> SavedVariables folder; delete the GFW_FeedOMatic files there to restore FOM to “factory” settings.

    If you find new foods your pet can eat that aren’t known to FOM, let me know which foods they are (links to the items on Wowhead, Allakhazam, etc are nice) and what diet they fall under, and I’ll add them to future releases.

    Iséndir, Enigma: I use the Auctioneer suite myself and haven’t seen any conflicts between it and Feed-O-Matic. If you see an error that seems to indicate a conflict between addons, please email the error text to me (or post it in a comment here).

  17. kaminoji Says:

    in zhTW , meat in 2 types, meat and raw meat likes 27674, — Ravager Flesh , this is raw meat …. FOM cant get really type for my pet..

  18. RavagerMaster Says:

    Thanks for the tip, it seems the error where Feed-O-Matic did not recognize Smoked Talbuk Venison was due to a ‘leftover’ configuration file – after a clean install, Feed-o-matic handles that food properly.

    However, I have a problem with ‘Avoid food used for Cooking recipes… of at least XXXXX difficulty’. I have a stack of Clefthoof Meat in my bags, and the Roasted Clefthoof food is already green for me. I set the difficulty to medium (yellow) so FOM should feed Clefthoof Meat to my cat, but it refuses to do so. No matter what difficulty settings I use, it does not feed Clefthoof Meat to my cat. I tried to open and close the Cooking profession skill window to see if it is an update issue, but did not help.

  19. WoW_Clueless Says:

    I’m having a problem with my pets eating foods that give special effects..like +5 to stamina & spirit…etc. My Ashmane Boar REALLY love the DragonBreath Chili…but since it doesn’t make him breath fire like it does my character,I really don’t want him eating it…& yes I have the box checked in the settings for my pets not to eat the special effects foods.

  20. unscrupulous Says:

    FoM tries to feed my boar Simple Flour, i removed the entree from the FoM bread list and it is still trying to feed it to my pet, is there a resource to find an item id for Simple Flour to check if it is also listed by item id and perhaps remove that as well?

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