FactionFriend 2.0.4

  • Right-clicking the reputation watch bar now shows a menu allowing you to quickly switch which faction it shows. (Based on AnduinLothar’s ReputationMenu.) TIP: Marking a faction as “Inactive” in the reputation pane will hide it in this menu.
  • FactionFriend now identifies known faction turnin items in their tooltips. (This can be turned off in the Options window; type /ff or use the aforementioned new menu to bring it up.)
  • Added [Uncatalogued Species] turnin for Cenarion Expedition (Burning Crusade).
  • The Wildhammer Clan faction was removed in WoW patch 2.0.3, so we no longer track it.
  • Updated German localization.

4 Responses to “FactionFriend 2.0.4”

  1. Thodd Says:

    There are 2 corrections needed in FFF_ItemInfo.lua:

    On line # 938 find the following:

    [8483] = 1, — Wastewander Water Pouch

    change to:

    [8483] = 5, — Wastewander Water Pouch

    then on line #1033 find:

            maxStanding = 6,

    and change to:

            maxStanding = 5,
  2. Jaim Sandar Says:

    Since I don’t use the standard Blizzard rep bar, but instead Fubar_FuXPFu, I think I am not seeing most of what this AddOn does. It does switch the default watched faction, but that is about all. Is there any chance of making FactionFriend work with FuXPFu?

  3. ZeroEX Says:

    I downloaded this yesterday from here and noticed that when I use the nice new menu that comes up from right-clicking and try changing the watched faction I get an error stating:

    Error: Usage: SetWatchedFactionIndex(index) AddOn: GFW_FactionFriend File: FactionFriend.lua Line: 520 Count: 1

    At first i thought maybe it was a mod compatiblity issue and so tried it using the mod with no other mods running, I still got the same error.

  4. Thodd Says:

    ZeroEX, I got that same error the other day, to fix it, on line #520 of FactionFriend.lua, I changed:




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