AutoCraft 10900.3

Fixed a couple of errors introduced in 10900.2.

18 Responses to “AutoCraft 10900.3”

  1. Kiryn Says:

    It still makes that weird slamming noise every time you craft something. Sounds like it’s spamming the crafting queue and is trying to create something too soon, getting a kind of “you can’t do that yet” noise. I was hoping this update fixed this problem, as it was the only problem I was having with the previous version. I can tell no difference between this version and the one I was using before.

    When you say “Fixed a couple of errors”, do you think you could be a bit more specific next time?

  2. Chocky Says:

    Clicking on an icon to stop the crafting part the way through makes the icon dissappear but it still keeps making them.

    Have to close the crafting window to stop it.

    Love your addons, keep up the good work.

  3. Gaqzi Says:

    Almost every time I finish smelting a batch of something the Castingbar get stuck and I’m unable to craft anything until I /console reloadui =/ I was using 10900.1 prior to upgrading to .3.

    Afraid I havn’t been doing anything but smelting lately so I can’t say if it’s the same for the other professions for me.

    And thanks for all these wonderful addons!

  4. Kiryn Says:

    Oh yeah, and the words “queue paused” are stuck below the queue whenever it is up, even if it isn’t paused.

    I’d appreciate a way to move the queue if possible, as I have moved my casting bar up out of the way of my custom UI with eCastingBar, but the queue is still down there on top of my buttons. It looks kinda ugly. I’d love to be able to move it up so it’s not overlapping other things.

  5. dahrius Says:

    i have a question. can the queued items frame made movable? it is now underneath my bibmod bars but i can’t move it :S

  6. soardiac Says:

    this is a great mod, especially for making my poisons! i think it was not really made for that, but it’s still the best poison mod out there. thx.

    but yesterday i crafted an advanced traget dummy for someone. so i chose the dummy and hit “queue everything” then “run queue”. however, it first created a whirring bronze gizmo which isnt required at all for the target dummy.

    i tried it again and it made the gizmo again. seems there is something messed up…

    one more thing: since it already “knows” all mats needed to craft a given product, it would be great if it could send those mats to chat (to inform customers about what they need to bring).

  7. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    As documented in the readme and webpage, “Queue Everything” runs through your skill window from bottom to top and queues up every item you currently have the materials to make (e.g. if you have several varieties of stone, “Queue Everything” will convert all of them to blasting powder). If you just want to queue as many of one particular item as you have materials for, use “Queue All”.

  8. soardiac Says:

    thx for answer. i have to admit i didnt read the readme =) i assumed that “everything” was referring to “everything needed to make the selected product”.

  9. Harrh Says:

    i have problems getting it to work the error is interface/addons/GFW_autocraft/autocraft.lua:213:attemp to index global ‘autocraftrunautomaicallytext’ a Nil value

  10. Durga Says:

    How the heck do you move the Queue window? Currently it’s over other stuff and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to to move it!!! 🙁

  11. Matt Says:

    Outstanding mod! As an Alchemist it’s a god-send. I’ve RTFM and can’t seem to find where you unlock the queued item Icon.

    I’d love to be able to pull the queue up a bit so I can still use my hotbar. =)

    Again, thanks for all the killer mods!


  12. ray Says:

    Even after making items multiple times and buying the items nessasary to make an item it will not tell me the cost and says Insufficient data. Help!! Need to see what it cost to make so I can sell it for even a little profit!!!!!

  13. Firedancer Says:

    If you have a mod that moves frames around for you (Visor, MoveAnything, DFM), the name of the frame you need to move is QueueIconsFrame. Unfortunately, the Queue Paused always shows (and you can’t pause/run queues) if you’re not using the default blizzard casting bar. I’ve tried to get AutoCraft to recognize eCastingBar with no luck.

    The sounds that keep playing over and over when making things are the sounds associated with opening and closing Escape menus. I got rid of it by finding a silent .wav file (someone made one for getting rid of the sound when people stand in a fire), renaming it to uEscapeScreenClose.wav, making a copy of that file named uEscapeScreenOpen.wav, then sticking both files in the Data\Sound\Interface subfolder of my WoW installation (you probably would need to create the subfloders in the Data dir).

    Hope this helps people until the sound and/or alternate castbar (queue paused) bugs are fixed (if they are indeed bugs and are fixable).

  14. Matt Says:


    Thanks for the reply. Have MoveAnything and it won’t recgonize the queue icons . However I’ll DL some other and see if that spanks the bad bar into shape! =)

    Again, Thanks


  15. Cag Says:

    Any chance of queuing whatever you like and then have AC make a list saying “You need 5x Steel Bar(5x Iron Bar, 5x Coal), 4x Bronze Bar(2x Copper Bar, 2x Tin Bar), 10x Bolt of Silk(40x Silk Cloth) to make: XXXX” (or whatever it req. for the things you want to craft)?

    If possible, then perhaps it could be intergrated into the auc-window (like AFP by Dsanai) so you would always have a list handy and not have to switch between auc and AC.

    AFP adds a flyout menu to the right of auc, maybe AC could make a flyout downwards from auc??? No idea just me ranting 8))

  16. Mokolkev Says:

    Any word on when this will work with enchanting?

    I’ve been doing a lot of enchanted thorium bars as of lately…

  17. sjonkel Says:

    First of all, your addons rock! Thanks alot.

    I was just wondering if you’re planning to implement anything similar to KC_EnhancedTrades’ i+b counter? (It shows the number of items you can make with your inventory and bank items combined.)

  18. Tomarion Says:

    I’d like to add my thanks for this nice product, real smooth, fullfills the advertised role.

    If you would want to expand this product, I’ll add my voice to Cag’s, when you try to figure out what you need for making that ultra uber blaster widget which has 7 sub combonents each of 2-5 sub sub components it get a bit complicated. So to ease the crafters burden it would be nice have the option of electing to craft 4 widgets, have autocraft fill in the needed material in front of the widgets. Taking into account existing components and missing material to aquire, f.ex. mark items in the queue red when they dont have the required material.

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