ShoppingList 10900.2

Should now work properly with either the current “Release” version of Auctioneer ( or current “Beta”/”Unstable” versions ( and newer tested).

13 Responses to “ShoppingList 10900.2”

  1. Taha Says:

    I’m getting an error on login with this version of ShoppingList:

    “Interface\AddOns\GFW_ShoppingList\ShoppingList.lua:65: attempt to index field ‘Event’ (a nil value)”

    I also get this error when entering the auction screen. I’m using the release version of Auctioneer ( ShoppingList seems to work fine other than throwing these errors. Let me know if you need any more information.

    Love your add-ons, keep up the great work!

  2. BlueLeaf Says:

    I also am getting the same error for the nil at the auction house and game start. SL also fails to list current shopping list by useing /sl show

  3. Chocky Says:

    I get this error as well.

    Using Auctioneer (

  4. Same here Says:

    Count: 2 Error: Interface\AddOns\GFW_ShoppingList\ShoppingList.lua:65: attempt to index field `Event’ (a nil value)

  5. Duke_E Says:

    After each scan of the AH i get an error: Interface\Addons\GFW_ShoppingList\ShoppingList.lua:20: stack overflow. The shopping list is empty. When i put an item in it, after a scan i get a “stack overflow” with stubby…

    german client, tested with different auctioneer versions.

    Help, please!

  6. Invincibull Says:

    I am getting the same error as duke_e

    (Interface\Addons\GFW_ShoppingList\ShoppingList.lua:20: stack overflow).

    Any ideas?

  7. Melusina Says:

    I’m getting the “Interface\AddOns\GFW_ShoppingList\ShoppingList.lua:65: attempt to index field ‘Event’ (a nil value)â€? error.

    BTW, I noticed when I was glancing at the code to see what line 65 was that SL 10900.2 still says 10900.1 on the .lua file. It’s definitely different code in the relevant section, but it certainly messed with my head for a few minutes.

  8. NewRaven Says:

    Getting same error 🙁

  9. Obi-Wan Quixote Says:

    I’ve been getting the Line 65 “‘Event’ (a nil value)” error too. I was hoping that adding “##LoadWith: Auctioneer” to the .toc file might fix it, but no dice.

  10. ModHelper Says:

    I am also getting the Duke_E stack overflow error.

    Thanks for this plugin, I <3<3<3!

  11. Undu Says:

    I’m also getting the stack overflow errors like Duke_E and I have the english client

  12. Rhadgar Says:

    Hi, there!

    I am also getting the “ShoppintList.lua:20:stack overflow” error at the end of the auction house scan. Any idea if it can be fixed? Nothing shows up in the shopping list results after the error happens. I’m using Auctioneer too.


  13. Taralas Says:

    If you are getting the “ShoppintList.lua:20:stack overflowâ€? error, open the file ShoppingList.lua (located in Interface/Addons/GFW_ShoppingList) andput two dashes at the beginning of line 20. That line should read “FSL_Original_FinishedAuctionScan();” It seems that line is causing the problem, and I am not sure how to go about fixing it. Seems to be working for me without it.


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