Hunter’s Helper 10900.2

  • Localized the beast names in our database to French and German using data from — tooltips should show HH-provided info for beasts you haven’t tamed (or inspected with Beast Lore) before now if you’re using WoW in one of those languages, and /hh find results will show localized names.
  • Fixed a couple errors some users were experiencing.
  • Ashmane boar has Charge (Rank 5), not rank 4 (which has not been found on any known beast).
  • Updated/corrected some existing beast ability listings.

3 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 10900.2”

  1. Brad Says:

    Prowl should be 30,40,50

  2. Gardal Says:

    When taming Kresh it gave error stating that he also has Bite 3 but it was not in the database.

  3. joe Says:

    I get an error with this version, “huntershelper.lua Error, table is nil” or something like that… Any idea?

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