ShoppingList Discontinued

Been wondering where it was since WoW 2.0 came out? I’d been hoping to do a major rewrite that would have better interfaced ShoppingList with Auctioneer and the AH window… but life here at Area 52 has just been far too busy of late for me to juggle so many gadget projects. (Also, my day-trading employees in Ironforge and Ogrimmar have been getting along just fine without it.) Perhaps I’ll be able to return to this project in the future, but for now it’s officially dead.

If you’re looking for alternatives, I’d recommend the saved-search feature in Auctioneer.

21 Responses to “ShoppingList Discontinued”

  1. Garrick Says:

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    Please feel free to delete this comment if you would like, since it’s not really related to FactionFriend. My question is, are there any plans to fix ShoppingList to work with TBC? Last update was to fix compatibility with 1.11. It appears that Auctioneer is stabilized at a release version that works with TBC, so hopefully there isn’t a moving target to work with now, and we can get to buying desired items easily again!

  2. Belial Says:

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    I totaly agree with Garrick. Could you at least post some comment with some info (like whether it’s even possible to make the addon work with TBC or the aproximate release date)? As you said yourself it’s a realy handy thing while running “a vast mercantile empire” :). I always forget to look for the needed things without ShoppingList. And I haven’t found a suitable substitude :-/ … Thank you in advance for your response. Keep up the good work .

  3. Tone Says:

    [Moved from FactionFriend comments]

    I’d like to echo Garrick’s comments, shopping list is the bomb! I’ve been checking here almost weekly for an update, but I can see you’ve been very busy with other widgets. Any sort of update about your plans for shopping list would be much appreciated. Thx!

  4. Boojumhunter Says:

    Mr. Fizzwidget’s Examell technology is far superior to gnomish Loowah. I have missed AutoCraft and ShoppingList. Since Gazmik has now announced his departure from the automated crafting and purchasing field, I would like to recommend a new item: Advanced TradeSkill Window. While obviously a gnomish name, and based on their Loowah processes, it does much of what AutoCraft and ShoppingList does.

    You can find it here:

    It’s not a Fizzwidget Gadget, but I’m sure some of them must have studied under him. Or at least paid off some of his minions.

  5. Docster Says:

    I will surely miss this one. I really hope you’ll find some time in the future to continue this awesome gadget.

  6. Delrob Says:

    Thanks for the update. Sad to see it go.

    Keep up the great work otherwise!

  7. Orctepreneur Says:

    As part of my tiny monetary empire I buy common recipes and sell the on the AH at a marginal markup (usually 150%) My problem is knowing which recipes I need to buy. Since there are about 60 common recipes that I sell regulary I keep a spreadsheet of what I buy and when, and then what I sell. I’m trying to see how often some of these sell and know how often I need to buy more. What I need is an easy way to send a shopping list from my AH char, to my main who does the buying. Can you help a fellow out?

  8. Sad Says:

    Sad that it’s discontinued. I had easily over 80 items in my shopping list and saved searches are a huge pain as you can only look for 1 item at a time. I had high level enchant mats, herbs, pots, flasks, foods, ores, bars, high to find BOEs and other rare items, like rare pets, etc. After one AH scan, I can see all the deals and pick up all the good ones.

    Now with saved searches, it not feasible to look for every item I once had on my shopping list. It is simply too time consuming to sit there, click and wait for the server to respond (which doesn’t always, so you’ve to run the search 2 or 3 times, arrgh!). Compared to the old, click scan AH, alt-tab or go do some RL stuff and come back later for the full results.

    Sad 🙁

  9. Felina Says:

    Please please please! bring this back!… ATSW doesn’t allow you to add items you don’t know the recipe/pattern for, and you have to be at the AH to use the saved-search feature. There really is no replacement for this addon!

  10. Jack Says:

    I really need you to bring this back i can’t find anything like it. I have looked for something like it that’s current but I couldn’t find ANYTHING PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dark Says:

    I agree please bring back Shopping list…. can’t find anything like it….. just as said previously auctioneer only does it’s thing at the AH.

  12. V Says:

    Agreed, this is a Mod I actually miss everytime I logon!

  13. Magnag Says:

    Shopping List. I miss it. I have yet to find anything with it’s convinience and ease of use. Like others, I look for specific items in the AH and the saved searches take far to long…. /sl report ALL I want to have to do 🙂

    please bring it back

    thanks Magnag

  14. Squall Says:

    Yes, please, please bring this back for the new patch!

  15. Wrack Says:

    I have been away from WoW for some time…but I’m back now and upset that Shopping List is no more. 🙁 sigh Pretty Please with sugar on top, bring it back.



  16. Gim Says:

    Been looking for a substitute but can’t find one. I don’t use Auctioneer, but if I did, I sure don’t want to click and wait for each saved search one at a time.

  17. Gim Says:

    It’d be more complex than this addon used to be, but looking at:

    in the extended section is an example of making a “watchlist” via BottomScanner.

  18. Gim Says:

    Oops, that’s major overkill. Just install BottomScanner and do:

    /btm snatch []

    and that’ll add it to the snatch list. Same thing as watch list, basically.

  19. Xionicfire Says:

    Ahh please bring it back… the auctioneer function is a joke… yours was so much better, please at least give it a consideration, the new autioneer advanced handles database data way more efficiently and way more simple than before, it might atctually not be as bad as you might have thought. :/ i so miss this program even after so many months

  20. Xionicfire Says:

    On another note… if someone were to paypal you funds, how much would it cost to consider taking back work on that function? its really really really a game breaker for me, its the only simple and fast way to find cheap stuff on the AH that i know will resell for good money in 1 quick swoop.

  21. Whisperell Says:

    I agree. If your projects take you away, and people really really really want this, perhaps posting how much it would take to update it would be helpful, and take paypal donations. I would pay.

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