Guildentipper 1600.2

  • Now also modifies the tooltip for when you mouse over party or target frames (or any other place that calls GameTooltip:SetUnit(), for that matter).

4 Responses to “Guildentipper 1600.2”

  1. CarLBanks Says:


  2. Repabil Says:

    Thanks for a great mod and a wonderful homepage! I like this mod because it lets me see the guilds people are in while being able to disable the guildname over their head leaving the screen les cluttered. Although it seems it does not work properly, when I mouseover a player I haven’t seen in a while (maybe not in a session or which is not in some cache or something) it does not show the guildname in tooltip even if I wait a while. But if I take away pointer from player and mouseover it again so tooltip appear the guildname is showed. This is a bit frustrating.

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Repabil: I’ll look into that. But… I believe the issue is the same as what causes the default client to sometimes show people’s pets as “Unknown Entity” until you move the pointer and mouseover them again. If that’s the case then it’s a bug in WoW and I can’t fix it.

  4. Repabil Says:

    Thanks for looking in to the mentioned problem. I found another problem which seems to occur randomly but quite often and also more often last days I played. Sometimes the last line of the tooltip (showing “Level X name class (player)”) dissapears after less then 1 second viewing the tooltip. The last line just goes blank and the tooltip does not collaps.

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