ShoppingList 1800.3

  • Removed Auctioneer from the Optional Dependencies section of our TOC file, as having it there forced Auctioneer to load on login. Now we observe whether Auctioneer is installed without loading it, and load it if it’s not loaded already when you type sl report.

2 Responses to “ShoppingList 1800.3”

  1. Mykl Says:

    I haven’t been able to make this thing work at all. Not that it doesn’t run or whatnot, but so far every time I do an auction scan it tells me the one item on my shopping list (an enchanting recipe) isn’t found. I added it by doing a /sl add [shift click item FROM AH], yet it still doesn’t find it.

    I know it’s found. I see two of them when I look at the recipe section manually.

    I’m using auctioneerpack- as my auction scanner.

  2. Justin Wendlandt Says:

    I have created some modifications to ShoppingList to add functionality that I prefer.

    I really wanted to be able to list better output on /sl list

    Before: [Copper Bar] [Head of Onyxia]

    After: 1 : 20x [Copper Bar] For Barga. 2 : 1x [Head of Onyxia] for Zandor.

    So basically I changed the inputs a little bit. So now /sl add [item] becomes /sl add [item] [qty] and /sl remove [item] becomes /sl remove [index]

    Add it if you wish, do not if you don’t. I just thought I would share it. So the patch can be found at : and if you want the newer version feel free to email me.


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