AutoCraft 1800.4

  • Changed the way we hook the TradeSkill window for recalculating available reagents… this should finally do away with the “freeze on opening TradeSkill window” problem. Really this time! (Note: There may be a delay of several seconds when showing a TradeSkill window for the first time, as we tend to cause the WoW client to request extra information from the server that it may not already be cached. This delay should only happen once for each profession, or for as long as your WDB cache is intact.)
  • Reversed the default and alt-click behavior of “Queue Everything”, as many users were requesting the alt-click behavior without realizing it was there. Now, “Queue Everything” will work from the bottom of the list to the top by default (which, for example, journeyman miners might find useful as it’ll automatically queue Smelt Copper and Smelt Tin followed by Smelt Bronze). Alt-clicking “Queue Everything” will work from top to bottom.
  • Recipes that produce a quantity of items each time they’re crafted are now accounted for when being considered as reagents. (For example, an engineer can queue Silver Contact once and then be able to queue five Small Bronze Bombs.) For recipes that can produce a variable quantity (e.g. EZ-Throw Dynamite, which randomly creates 1-3 individual explosives), we assume the minimum quantity will be produced — otherwise it might be possible to queue more work than you’d have the materials for.
  • Fixed an issue where we’d lose track of whether you’re currently crafting a queued item sometimes (such as if you filled up your inventory) and become unable to resume crafting.
  • Tooltips should now show up correctly for the second row of queue icons (if you queue six or more different items).
  • If you queue more than ten items, the tenth icon will become a question mark, and mousing over it will show a tooltip listing the additional items.

15 Responses to “AutoCraft 1800.4”

  1. Norcrim Says:

    This isn’t working.

    Getting the error Error:Interface\AddOns\GFW_AutoCraft\AutoCraft.lua:190: attempt to index global ‘AutoCraftBackground’ (a nil value)

  2. Chocky Says:

    Autocraft.lua:190: attempt to index global ‘AutoCraftBackground’ (a nil value)

  3. OldManx Says:

    Count: 1 Error: Interface\AddOns\GFW_AutoCraft\AutoCraft.lua:190: attempt to index global `AutoCraftBackground’ (a nil value)

    if i disable mobile frames then the error goes away

  4. moo Says:

    same error as above.

  5. Vindicator Says:

    I’m getting an error window, as well, from this version, but I can’t read what it says (not word-wrapping in box). I’m going back to previous version.

  6. Devla Says:

    Yep same error as described above on login

    GFW_AutoCraft\AutoCraft.lua:190: attempt to index global `AutoCraftBackground’ (a nil value)

  7. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Ah… I added some code in this version to prepare for making it LoadOnDemand (and automatically loaded whenever Blizzard_TradeSkillUI loads) when 1.9 rolls around, but I appear to have set that up incorrectly.

    That shouldn’t be relevant under 1.8, except that it sounds like a few people out there are using other addons that cause Blizzard_TradeSkillUI to be loaded on login. This is generally a bad thing — Blizzard split the default UI into several LoadOnDemand components to reduce memory usage and speed up login time, and by forcing them to load on demand you’re negating these benefits and setting yourself up for more potential addon troubles in the future.

    If you don’t know which of your addons is doing this, try turning some of them off and reloading the UI (Saien’s MCP is good for such efforts) until you stop getting the error from this version of AutoCraft. Or look inside their TOC files for mention of Blizzard_TradeSkillUI. Once you know which have this problem, bug their authors until they release updates that handle 1.8 compatibility better. (And feel free to put them in touch with me if they need help with that.)

    If you’re using Dsanai’s BlizLoadAll or a similar solution that forces all Blizzard addons to load on login… well, like I said, you’re losing benefits the WoW 1.8 patch was supposed to provide and setting yourself up for more trouble in the future. Please, disable it, find out which of your addons are having trouble, and hound their authors for proper 1.8 compatibility. (If you’ve been updating other addons in the week and a half since 1.8 came out, you may not even “need” BlizLoadAll or similar anymore for them to work now.)

    I’ll be posting a fix for AutoCraft’s side of this issue shortly, but regardless, I strongly recommend checking on your other addons… as noted, this issue can lead to other problems for other addons in the future.

  8. moo Says:

    i’m going to guess that quite a few people are using Auctioneer: the EnhTooltip add-on (part of Auctioneer) is loading the Blizzard_TradeSkillUI.

  9. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Right… Auctioneer’s interim “fix” for 1.8. For Auctioneer users, I’d recommend downloading the “gamma” release from It has “proper” 1.8 compatibility and is quite stable (and has quite a few other improvements over 3.0.x)… they just haven’t got around to declaring a “release” version.

  10. Nafiel Says:

    Posted that error on Curse, but then I came here ans saw eveyone else having the same problem. Curse being SO slow recently, I got tired of waiting to edit my post 🙂 I don’t want to switch to the new Auctioneer right now cause I’m waiting for EngInventory to be updated and those two don’t play along nicely… sigh sucks to be a clueless user 😉

  11. Poledra Says:

    I didn’t have the above mods enabled sop I kept looking. The clash was with Enhanced Tradeskills (not the Kaeltyn version) now disabled.

  12. Chocky Says:

    Not only is Enchanting Seller stuffing auctioneer’s new behavour by listing it as optional it is breaking this as well…

  13. Vindicator Says:

    I can confirm that Enhanced Trade Skills 1.15 (continued) [] by Romualdo is conflicting with this addon. I left a note at that address and directed him to read these comments.

    Maybe an author-to-author conversation would be more useful. 🙂

  14. Devla Says:

    BibMod users:

    BibCore.toc enables all the Blizzard mods by adding them as Dependencies.

    Removed these and AutoCraft works fine, thanks Gazmik.

  15. Fryguy451 Says:

    Any word on the Interface/AddOns/GFW_AutoCraft/AutoCraft.lua:190: attempt to index global `AutoCraftBackground’ (a nil value) error ?

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