ShoppingList 11000.1

  • Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.10. (No actual changes were needed.)
  • Minor improvements to utility code shared across Fizzwidget addons.

14 Responses to “ShoppingList 11000.1”

  1. Nari Says:

    It seems that automatic feeding is somehow bugged. It shows the message that it is on, but it never feeds my pet. Manual “/feed feed” works ok.

  2. Gorlum Says:

    Hi. Thanks for you great jobs! Your tools is almost essential part of my daily useв mod-pack! They works perfect. However there is one usability issue about your site. How about making “All-In-One mod pack” – single archive that will contains all up-to-dated mods of you? Thanks again for a great job!

  3. Emli Says:

    Is this mod going to eventually become compatible with the latest version of KCI’s auction capabilities?

  4. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Narl, I think you’re in the wrong place. (Yes, I’m looking into the Feed-O-Matic issues and hope to have a resolution soon.

    And yes, I’ll be looking into an update for KC_Items 0.94 compatibility soon — sorry, I lost track of that to-do item in all the 1.10 hubbub after doing the same for ReagentCost. 🙂

    I abhor mod compilations: far too often they end up causing people trouble because there’s a problem with some addon they don’t actually use but that they have installed because it came with a compilation. So I don’t plan on offering a single archive containing all my addons, because I don’t think it’d be good for people to have some of my addons installed that they don’t intend to use (or even know are there). I will be moving this website to a new server soon, though, and plan on seeing if I can’t make some changes to make downloading more convenient.

  5. Gorlum Says:

    Then how about just making additional global “Download” section with links to all mod-files?

  6. NK Says:

    Happy to know you’re working on Feed-o-Matic’s auto-feeding issue. This mod is a godsend, and I love you for making it!

    I received an odd error message from AdSpace the day of 1.10’s release. I didn’t have time to write it down, but the strange thing was it happened when I manually fed my hunter’s bear (used the Feed Pet skill instead of /fom feed) a raw sagefish. The error popped up 3 times during the feeding and stopped when the “feed pet” effect faded from the bear. I’m not sure how feeding would cause AdSpace to react in any way, but if it happens again, I’ll paste the error message here.

    Other than that, keep up the excellent work!

  7. Fert Says:

    My Shopping List is not providing updated data from Auctioneer using their most recent beta. However, a new auctioneer is expected any day now. Was SL tested with that beta? If not, I’ll reload the older Auctioneer to regain SL functionality. Great mod btw.

  8. Fert Says:

    The same problem persists with the latest release of Auctioneer (880)

  9. Fert Says:

    Please delete the above as it appears to be functioning correctly as of my latest AH scan.

  10. Hoey Says:

    Is it possible to have it sort your list Alphabetically? As opposed to the order you added it to the list? It would make finding good deals easier if I know exactly where to find it.

  11. GameDudeX Says:

    I’m not sure if this would be helpful for others, but it would be nice if we could add a quantity value to the item in the shopping list. Sometimes I need a a quanity of several different items and it’s hard to remember the quantities that i need sometimes.

  12. Ragnarr Says:

    Dear Fizz

    Great addons, I have used most of them at one time or another. But concerning this one (ShoppingList) I find that each time I update Auctioneer, it somehow breaks some of the functionality of this mod. I just updated to Auctioneer 3.4.2 and when my scan finishes I get the same old SL lua error. Sorry I didn’t write it down. But it does not perform the default action of displaying my SL list. Sometimes this works (just after you release a new version) and sometimes it doesn’t. I get around it by typing /sl report. Just a minor niggling on my part. Also I would like to second Hoey’s idea of alphbetical sorting of the list after it has been created. That would be great. Thanks for all your hard efforts and a great site.

  13. Fert Says:

    Receiving the following when using /sl scan….

    HTML prolly won’t work but I thought I’d give it a try.

  14. Fert Says:

    Well…that didn’t work…trying again…

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