Linkerator 3.2

  • Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 3.2.
  • Fixes an error message which could appear when sending chat messages.

14 Responses to “Linkerator 3.2”

  1. Arioch Says:

    I’ve been using Linkerator for quite a while now with no problems. Suddenly, it’s stopped working correctly. The link is created in my typing field, but does not post as an active link when I hit enter. I’ve tested it in guild and whispers.

    Any ideas?


  2. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Linkerator is sort of “in limbo” right now. It works on Patch 3.3 (about as well as it did on Patch 3.2, which is to say just barely), but I haven’t had time lately to spend on fixing / improving it.

  3. Paraselene (Uther) Says:

    Linkerator is a great add-on; very simple to use and clean. Your add-ons are all very high quality. I hope you can find time to update Linkerator for patch 3.3.

  4. Zabel Says:

    I just want to let you know that this is one of the best addons I have ever used. I really appreciate the ability to type out item names and have the clickable link show up in chat. Hopefully you will be able to update it because I haven’t been able to find anything quite like it out there. All your addons are awesome, keep up the good work!

  5. Daxin Says:

    I agree with Paraselene. I love your addons, and am quite impressed with your work. I’d hate to see this one go in the can.

  6. Mitsobar Says:

    I’m gona add my agreement with the above posters. I swear by your addons. At first I under valued this addon but over time it has proven it’s worth. I too hope you get time to work on it.

  7. Akrasia Says:

    Oh no… Yesterday I got the dreaded message that an addon interfered with an interface action, and taint.log says the Linkerator was the culprit. I was already trying to cut down on my addons, but this one I will really miss a lot. sigh

  8. Hirsute Says:

    Looks like the ChatFrameEditBox onChar hooking broke with 3.3.5. From the looks of things, you’re going to need to loop through all of a player’s chat frames and hook their EditBox code individually (ChatFrameEditBox went away, and has been replaced with ChatFrameNEditBox where N is the index of the chat frame.) Once that’s done, should be good to go. If you need to determine the name of the Currently Active Chat Frame’s edit box, FCF_GetCurrentChatFrame().editBox:GetName() should give it to you.

  9. Tuorr Says:

    Getting a Linkerator error message with patch 3.3.5 (6.22.10)… sigh, this was a super usefull addon. Love your work!

  10. Xod Says:

    It’s quite simple to get the current version working as it was before by hooking ChatEdit_OnEditFocusGained and ChatEdit_OnEditFocusLost and having those hooks apply and remove the OnChar hook to the current edit frame.

    I have a working version with a change like that which I patched in about 10 minutes work.

    I wonder if you would be willing to just do a simple fix like that and release a new version for your fans?

  11. AZMAK Says:


    Can you please post your fix somewhere (the actual files I mean)?

    Or email it to me? I am suffering withdrawals from not having this anymore; I used it many times a day.

    Linkerator is a one of a kind addon. It’s the only one of it’s type that actually worked til last patch. Telo’s Lootlink hasn’t worked in over two years.

    Please fix this so that it works in current patch, just get it working like it was I don’t care about any improvements, was fine the way it was imo. I did everything I needed it to do.

  12. AZMAK Says:

    Sorry forgot to give my email –

    mak (dot) arizona (at) hotmail (dot) com


  13. Cithan Says:

    I got this more or less working following the advice from Xod, though it took me couple of hours since I’m not familar with lua or WoW addons in general.

    The key was removing the OnChar hook and moving this code into the FLT_ChatEdit_OnTextChanged function after the first if clause:

    local text = self:GetText();
    local textlen = strlen(text);
    local _, _, query = string.find(text, "%[([^]]-)$");
    if (query and string.len(query) > 0) then
        FLT_PartialText = text;
    FLT_ChatCompleteQueued = GetTime();
    FLT_CompletionBox = self;

    Finally I set a one second delay using /link delay 1 since it was autocompleting instantly.

  14. Wiktor Says:


    I just LOVE linkarator. It has helped me to get a lots and lots of gold. I so hope u can get time to fix it some day. You make my wow time brighter 🙂

    /hug Wiktor

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