Linkerator 2.2

Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 2.2.

4 Responses to “Linkerator 2.2”

  1. R Goff Says:

    I have had significant problems with the text completion since version 2.1. Before then I could type normally and text completion would keep up. Since then I have to type a character, wait, type a character, wait, or the text completion misses previous characters and doesn’t recognize what I’m typing. This happens with no other addons loaded. Can you tell me what’s going on?

  2. Trs Says:

    I’m having similar problems. When I try to type out something, Linkerator automatically picks anything that starts with the same letters and zooms off to the end of the link so that I can’t continue typing to narrow down what I really wanted to link. When I backspace to try to fix it, it keeps zooming back to the end when I get about halfway to the beginning unless I backspace really quickly.

    If I type really quickly then it won’t zip to the end like that but I don’t remember having these problems before. Before it would highlight the rest of the text that was autocompleted and let me keep typing from where I was at until I found the correct link. Then I could press ] to complete the link. What’s going on?

    Example: When trying to link [Felweed] Type [F [Face smasherelweed Type [Fe [Fearless girdlelweed Type [Fel [Fel armamentweed

    etc. etc. which is how it’s supposed to work except that it’s not supposed to zoom the cursor off to the end of the text thus making it impossible to type.

  3. Trs Says:

    Nevermind re. the above. Looks like Itemsync and Linkerator just don’t get along. After disabling Itemsync, the problem goes away.

  4. Elfila Says:

    Same experience here. Essentially it lags as you type. So you have to type one character, wait, wait, wait, next character, etc.

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