Linkerator 2.1

  • Updated TOC for WoW Patch 2.1.
  • Uses a more accurate means of avoiding secure chat commands.
  • Shortened messages printed when /link debug is enabled.

5 Responses to “Linkerator 2.1”

  1. Elandru Says:

    The new recipe/tradeskill links (shift-click in the top part of the recipe window to get these new gold links) confuse Linkerator very greatly. It’ll need support added for them, as was added with enchant:.

    If it tries to generate them it’ll try using item: I think, which disconnects you (though there may be a hint of Blizzard bug there as well as whispering yourself with three recipe links disconnects you too).

  2. Elandru Says:

    Fixed! Tradeskill links use the enchant: links, but the colour for enchant links has changed to a rather fetching gold. I took the liberty of fixing it for you – feel free to use the changes.

    Linkerator.lua, line 1413, change to: local linkFormat = “|cffffd000|Henchant:%s|h[%s]|h|r”;

    Also, updating harvesting support to allow the automatic harvesting of tradeskill recipe links. At line 1162, insert: local recipeLink = GetTradeSkillRecipeLink(id); if (recipeLink == nil) then FLT_TradeSkillLock.NeedScan = true; else FLT_ProcessLinks(recipeLink); end

  3. Jindrak Says:

    Hello there. Having a similar issue. Last night a guildie asked if I had the link for the Icy Chill recipe. Seeing as I was not on my enchanter I said sure, I have a great mod that allows me to type out what I want to link. For some reason, everytime I tried to link the Icy Chill recipe to my guildie, I would get disconnected. I tried another random enchant and the same thing happened. I then tried the Wildheart Belt as a random link and it worked perfectly. Not sure if mighty Blizz changed something but wanted to pass this along to you my friend.

    Also, some items I used to be able to type and link no longer work for some reason (i.e. Globe of D’sak…running joke as my name is Darrell) as well as the orange crafted staff that is uber like Thunderfury.

    Many thanks for great mods that you make that I always look for updates for after new patches!!

  4. HP Says:

    OK, i have a non-related question. In the screenshot i see a little part of your action bar. I see the art is two murlocs, instead of the gryphons. I’ve seen lots of people having this, and wonders: Is this a add-on?


  5. Moara Says:

    I tried to add in the lines you said so I could link to recipes and such, but I don’t have a LUA editor and Notepad can’t read the line breaks in your code for some reason. So, it’s basically a wall of text, and I’m not sure where to add in what you’ve posted. Also, enchants aren’t working anymore, and I’ve got your latest versions. Not sure if the two are tied together, but could you put the fix you posted up above into your latest version? Thank you, and great addons!

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